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The Grammy nominated Eurovision movie

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Where is the bop Ja Ja Ding Dong?
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  2. Twitter chattering is all about Husavik getting an Oscar nomination. I think that is a monumental stretch (though I do think its deserving).
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  3. I highly doubt it though that would be iconic.

    On the other hand I have no idea what songs are in the running so far.
  4. Why is this becoming one of my favorite comfort movies lately
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  5. Loyal Brave True.
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  6. I did not like this as a movie (Will Ferrell makes me gag) BUT some of the songs are bops. Molly Sandén stay winning I guess.
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  7. This movie really feels like it’s becoming something of a sleeper hit? I’m seeing such goodwill toward it all over. Even Reddit seems to like it.
  8. Play count wise a few songs from this film are already sitting among my most played 2020 Eurovision songs. I really wasn't expecting that.
  9. This was not good. A comedy should never be boring and this was boring. After 40 minutes I found myself wanting to stack the dishwasher. There was no sexual/romantic spark between the two leads (she was stunning and he was gross), and so many of the jokes just fell flat. The American backpackers being the ones to help him out and save the day might have worked better if he'd met them more than once. And the musical routine with the Eurovision acts would have made much more sense if they'd sung a load of classic Eurovision genuine hits - Waterloo was in there which is one, but they could have added in Euphoria, Ooh Aah just A Little Bit, Hold Me Now ... Believe and Ray of Light are great songs, but have no connection to Eurovision, but I guess they just wanted to please the gays. This could have been like Mamma Mia but for Eurovision, but all in all it was just boring nonsense. I've had 3 friends all suggest it to me, and they can't believe I didn't enjoy it. I've also never enjoyed any Will Ferrell film I've seen. On a plus note, Pierce looked fit with his silver daddy beard.
  10. I've been waiting for a poppers o'clock remix of this and it doesn't disappoint!

    Husavik has crept up on me to become my song of the year.
  11. God I hope I can dance at Euroclub to this next year.
  12. If Blame Canada can get an Oscar Nomination, this sure as heck deserves one. Molly would knock the performance out the park.
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  13. I watched this and... it was actually really cute. It wasn’t a great movie but it was solid and that’s the best we could have hoped for.
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  14. And of course this had to happen

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  15. I just saw this and it was pretty cute! I saw the credits roll and Savan Kotecha worked on this? Glad I heard the bops too, lovely!
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  16. God I love Cahill remixes
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