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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Amazing idea, I'm busy with Kumi's rate, but maybe I would be able to help out sometime.
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  2. When I'm bored I make artwork for my fave albums, so hit a bitch up if need be.
  3. Thank you for this!

    My quest to find the font used in Whitney's My Love is Your Love campaign has so far resulted in me using some truly basic sans serif fonts, and it's starting to really annoy me.
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  4. Once I have more of a free time, I'll probably sign up to help people out because I enjoy the shit out of making graphics.
  5. I'm fine to help whenever! I'm pretty good at photoshop and work with After Effects so if you want something, throw me your ideas and we can see what we can do.

    The most annoying part is just finding the pictures to edit... but I have made some banners for my upcoming rate (Monday!!!!) that I'm super happy with that were pulled from videos;


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  6. Thanks for this thread.

    I must get back into doing more of my own artwork.
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  7. Did y'all decide on what image hosting service is best to use now that imgur ain't shit?
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  8. @BEST FICTION and @send photo say imgbb (or bbimg), I always get the order mixed up.
  9. is what @beyoncésweave used for his Sugababes rate and I'm using it for my 1998 R&B albums rate. It's working pretty well so far.
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  10. I found something called No complaints so far.
  11. Yeah, it does its job. But I must report that sometime last year they changed their domain from .io/.cc to .org, and then infuriatingly back, making me have to change all the image links on the Sugarate and then back again (which I still haven't finished doing). Other than that, it's quite stable.
  12. Hey, all. What is the width dimension of a 'comment' on here, in pixels?

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  13. I actually don’t know. Maybe 1000? Anybody have a clue?

    It’s got to be smaller than the images @Lost Boy posted because his were shrunk.
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  14. Doesn't resizing just depend on the dimensions of the window of your browser (which is usually just someone's resolution if they have the window maximized).

    Like the banner for the Taylor Swift rate shrinks when you make your window smaller, so it's usually just what screen dimensions are the most commonly used.
  15. I think when I was doing some artwork for Kumi I did like 750 pixels and it fit perfectly without the ability to click on it to expand.
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  16. The banners above? They're 750x300.
  17. Okay it looks like 750 is a consensus.
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  18. Brilliant, thanks all!
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  19. I’ve finished @GhettoPrincess’ request so I might be available for a very small project.
  20. Highly recommend @ohnostalgia, she's been a star with my requests and really impressive.
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