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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Hi, I'm doing a S Club 7 Rate including Rachel Solo & I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with making single covers, i would highly appreciate the help.
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  2. If anyone would like to lend a hand with graphics for Vanessa Carlton's discography rate, I'd be appreciative.
  3. I left my job because of bullying and lost the Mac with photoshop so... graphics might be a bit much for me right now, sorry everyone.
  4. It's fine don't worry, I hope everything is okay & I'm sad to hear that also, hope your feeling good.
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  5. How awful. Workplaces always seem to be so toxic. I can put that you’re not taking requests now and if you feel ready again just let me know.
  6. How many covers would there be?
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  7. There would be quite a few tbh, but as many as you can do, is amazing. I was going to do them all but maybe some key ones, because it may be a huge task.
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  8. Please. Thank you x
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  9. It looks like you’re about halfway in List C, so that would give some time. Maybe you can give me the key ones and we see how it goes from there? Do you have a possible starting date yet?
  10. Yes I am, I just wanna get things ready before so I don't have to worry later on. And nope not at the moment, I'll message you now.
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  11. @ohnostalgia could we possibly add a requests section to the first post? Just so anyone who's possibly interested in helping out can see what graphics have been requested so far and know's which member to contact?
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  12. Realizing I have never done any sort of graphics before so I will be in need of help for my 20GAYTeen Rate! I'm not looking for anything too fancy but it will be a lot of songs (around 85). I'm very open to trying it myself but would need at least a support system to go through it with. Thanks!
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  13. Ooh, well... just noticed that my 90's US One-Hit Wonders rate is at number one on List B, so I guess it's time for me to pay this thread a visit!

    It's a pretty light job, though. The songs in the rate are all singles, so I won't need covers doing for that, but a nice graphic for the first post and a few banners would be much appreciated. If anyone would be willing to help me out with this, thanks a million!
  14. Hey guys! My Grace Jones rate starts Monday and I have some quick questions:

    - Is it best to upload my images with the "upload a file" option, or should I use an extern website?
    - What website is it that doesn't allows gifs on here? Was is imgur?
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  15. External website, you can have higher quality images.

    It is imgur (all images, not just gifs). Although if you take out the s in https links they’ll still work (for now). But I wouldn’t use it for new projects in case that stops working.
  16. Do you have an idea of which external website I could use to upload images?
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  17. I personally use now.
  18. I used for my rate and it held up pretty well.
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  19. Clearly being an old man graphics are beyond me! Would anyone be willing to help me drum up some late 80s/ early 90s esque ones for my forthcoming SAW rate? Just a banner and maybe something for the actual reveal post numbers.
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