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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Somewhat off topic but would anyone here be interested in helping me to design an album cover for my own music? I'm struggling a little this time around. I would really love someone who is photoshop savvy to help out.
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  2. I don't know if the likes to my post are 'yes' if so please get in touch. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with designs? (There is quite a few), I had someone but I've recived no reply or anything so I'm unsure. Any help would be welcome.
  4. Hey everyone, I wouldn't mind changing my avatar to promote the Dalida Rate - what is the best (free) online program to do this and best resolution to do that in, do you think my dear PJ experts? :)
  5. I usually go for a square dimension, typically 500x500. If you just need something to crop an avatar I’d suggest, you can crop still images. Make sure to save the file to your computer.
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  6. Anyone still offering help for rate graphics in here? I have my BANKS rate coming up soon and would love some help on reveal graphics. I'm gonna use the official artworks for the singles so it would only be for album tracks.
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  7. I’m working for @munro right now. When is the BANKS rate scheduled to start reveals? If there’s no overlap, I might be able to help.
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  8. I'm aiming to open voting next week so reveals would probably start like mid September I wanna say. If you're available to help that would be much appreciated!
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  9. I think I could help. Pencil me in tentatively. Once I’m done with my current project I’ll ask you for the song list and decide from there.
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  10. Awesome, thank you!
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  11. PSA for @ohnostalgia being amazing at this - she did not even work on my Dalida Rate but my current avatar is her handiwork! We stan!!!
  12. Periodt.
  13. Also wanted to ask what image sharing site does everyone use now that imgur went bust?
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  14. We use imgbb now.
  15. Thanks!
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  16. If you’re using gifs I’d still use imgur but remove the s from the https. Imgbb has a tendency to turn gifs into a thumbnail when they’ve hit a certain bandwidth.
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  17. Damn really? That's annoying. Thanks for the tip!
  18. I've been using for my rates and it's gone well so far.
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  19. Hiiiii is there anyone who would be willing to make graphics for my Miley Cyrus rate? Obviously it'll be a while before it's ready to open, but I wanna make sure everything is ready. If you can, feel free to PM me, or post in here whenever you have a chance. Thanks in advance!
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  20. I’m gonna have to pass on that one, but maybe someone who can stand Miley will volunteer.
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