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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I was scared for a moment that the makers were going to allow a "Dead Mum" backstory for a contestant, so was relieved when he was eliminated (that sounds terrible, but I don't mean it in a heartless way, just that this show is above sob stories and should remain so!)

    Case in point - when Ali was messing up his bake and Mary Berry's younger sister (I don't know everyone's names yet) helped him try and rectify it - yes, not everything in life is a steely-eyed competition, you can help other people too!

    Finally - was Mr. Loudmouth really that loud or was he amped up on the soundtrack? I was finding him a bit annoying as a viewer - if I was in the same room and trying to concentrate on a task? I'd be LIVID!
  2. I warmed to Ruby as the episode progressed - she's probably a bit of a high-achiever in life and was edging closer and closer to a nervous breakdown as she became convinced that she'd be going home and 'the worst'... I don't see her lasting longer than a few more weeks...
  3. One more thing (apologies for triple-posting!) - I very much enjoyed the several risque references to 'silver bears' and 'size queens' - to think that my mother was watching (it obviously went right over her head)...
  4. Ha ha yes I liked it when Sue referred to Paul as the big silver back.... ha ha. Everytime I see him now I think 'Gorillas In The Mist'!

    Ruby was just so frustrating to watch.... please please let her be out next and end my suffering (and hers)
  5. They're really trying to push a Ruby vs Kimberly storyline, aren't they.
  6. I am rooting for Ali with all my might. He is this series what Maneesha was last.
  7. Ali's my favourite as well. He's so adorable I can't stand it.
  8. The exits from the first two episodes were so easily predicted, but I've still lapped it up anyway. I loved the shady looks when dumping a load of tomatoes on top of a loaf bread was referred to as 'glamorous'.
  9. oh god I loathe Frances so much
  10. I was so pleased Ruby did well tonight, I felt really bad for her last week. And she reminds me of Frankee from Mini Viva so I basically want her to do well for that alone.
  11. That sums him up for me. I'm actually in love. And I want his Yin & Yang bread.
  12. NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo

  13. Such a shame (though he was of course the weakest left).

    Quote of the night -

    Paul Hollywood - Are you pleased with the result?
    Ruby - It's better than what I usually cobble together...

    I LOVE RUBY (though Kimberley should win)...
  14. Ah bless ... sad to see Ali go......

    I think it was a close call between him and Glen..... I think Glen was lucky because his final pie was not exactly anything special.... it must of tasted amazing.

    I love Spanakopita but it not exactly hard to make......or that inspired.... Ali's idea seemed a bit more adventurous.

    I actually really like Christine she seems quite a sweetie and she seemed to mother Ali!
  15. I love Howard. When it was revealed he worked for the council I was like, of course he does (I work for the council).
  16. Now that my love Ali has gone, I'm rooting for Kimberly with all my might.
  17. Ali broke my goddamn heart. What a sweetheart.

    Ruby for me now, I've really warmed to her now. She's very upfront and I like when she zones out.
  18. I'd like to agree with all the Ali love. I kept shouting at the screen 'Come on Ali' but clearly he had to go.

    As I've said from the first week surely Kimberley has this in the bag. She'll have a wobble in a couple of weeks but then rise to the challenge at the end and take the crown.
  19. Kimberley's smug-ass lecturing on how easy things are and then fucking them up will never get old. She's insufferable. Christine is such a sweetheart. I love them all except Kim at this stage.
  20. Not Glenn. NOT GLENN.

    I'm still not over Howard leaving either.
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