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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I hate Ruby with her fake modesty.
  2. I'd be surprised if Kimberley didn't win. I'd buy her book.
  3. I was surprised this series didn't end up on BBC1 to be honest.

    As for who's for the win, a really don't mind too much be honest, however Kimberley has started to have an air of arrogance that's starting to show itself more and more which is a shame. Personally I'd prefer Ruby to win, I'm not so sure her modesty is so fake, as for whether she should have gone last night she has been top baker the most (3 times) and it's never fully clear whether they base it on just that weekends baking.

    But a great series again, and they'd better not drop Mel & Sue in the transfer, they make the show with their terrible puns!
  4. Maybe they'll finally have the budget to buy Mary Berry a new side tooth.
  5. It's something to do with the BBC's remit, isn't it? Populist shows on BBC1, niche shows on BBC2? 7 million is higher than 3/4 of the BBC1 shows, so they'd find it hard to argue that it is still 'niche' and should remain on BBC2?

    I can't imagine that they'd do anything to the format - the only possible downside is that they might now push for two series a year (which always dilutes shows like these)...
  6. I really hope Ruby doesn't win.
  7. LTG


    The custard theft was amazing though.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Ha, yes, but at least it was unintentional theft. I haven't seen the American version, but I bet contestants put poison in each other's mixes and have screaming matches. Which is why I hate American food programmes.
  9. LTG


    That's what Deborah wanted everyone to think...

  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

  11. I am still laughing 8 weeks later at Mel's Tiny Tempa pun and her little face reaction to the camera after she said it.

  12. I think if Frances can pull off something that looks to her normal standard and ALSO tastes amazing she will win it. It would be a nice little arc, her finally getting rid of the "style over substance" stuff.

    Beca completely deserved to go, her banana opera cake looked like a stodgy mess. She also hasn't been *amazing* all series, and was bad last week. Ruby's highs were higher and her flavours were better.

    Kimberley remains awful and I am determined to see her lose.
  13. Why is Kimberley awful?! She's easily the best baker there. Her bakes often don't look a mess (like Ruby's) and she gets a nice balance of flavours (unlike Frances). Beca was a bit rubbish but at least she was entertaining.
  14. I don't understand everyone's burning hatred for Ruby. Is she really any more self-effacing than, say, John from last year? She's very young, and I find her miserablist streak a lot more endearing than Kimberley's "EXCUSE ME?!" routine after every non-compliment from Paul or Mary.
  15. It's obvious who should win and has been since week 1.
  16. So obvious it's making me a bit nervous that she might not.
  17. I'm CONFIDENT Kimberley won't. She as insufferable as Brendan last year.
  18. How anyone can call Kimberley insufferable with Ruby in the same room is beyond me, but different strokes, etc.

    (Oh, hang on, you never said Ruby wasn't insufferable as well. Please confirm she is.)
  19. ...I find her charming. ha!
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