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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. LTG


    Sandi themed
  2. A straight white man free quarter final!!!

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  3. I’m guessing everyone is compensating for the lack of hideous shirts next week
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  4. Irregardless of who leaves in the next 2 weeks we’re on course for an iconic finale!


    Looks like the good sis C4 learnt their lesson from the vanilla finale last year.
  5. Manon serving a lewk next week, ensuring anyone who checked out this week comes back. Icon.
  6. I'm actually kind of fuming that they tried to act like Ruby could or should have been sent home. Who cares if it fell over when it was one of the best tasting?
  7. When did shows start using quarter final and semi final? I blame the X Factor. I think they started using Semi and snuck in quarter final.
  8. K94


    Oh wait it's in three, not two, weeks

  9. Can we take a moment to appreciate how we ended up with only iconic bakers left for the quarter final?


    A reverse GBBO 2K17 experience
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  10. A&E


    I'd be more upset about missing S(c)andi week next week it was... something other than Danish.
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  11. K94


    Charli's label doing the bare minimum for X3X promo knowing it's all leaked anyway

  12. C4 bringing back Jon, Terry, D*n and that DJ guy next week

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  14. The level of investigative journalism deployed by Deban in this video


    ESCXTRA truly wish
  15. Oh, but a slightly disheveled Kim-Joy is my spirit animal.
  16. I tuned in at work on +1 about mid way through, saw Kim-Joy come last in the technical and feared the worst but my queen has triumphed again! We love a winner.
  17. Rahul is starting to grate on me. He reminds me of Sadness from Inside Out so much.
  18. Kim-Joy disavowing animals on Vegan week after a season of furry themed desserts


    Regardless, me on my way to stan her devotion to foxes


    Rahul's psyche after out-baking Julia Child, Lorraine Pascale, and God herself

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  19. I feel very attacked.gif
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