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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Sorry @Robsolete sis , the thread moves fast it's a mess trying to keep up
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  3. The camera actually zooming in on Manon's derrière was a bit iffy, really.
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  4. I empathise with him but I'm finding Rahul's constant anxiety-and-fretting just utterly tiring to watch at this point. Like, sis – you knew exactly what you were getting into here, and if you can't get into the swing of things by 15 challenges in then you probably shouldn't be doing it.
  5. It's okay, I can forgive it this once. But will I let it happen a second time?

  6. I stan Rahul. He is probably my favourite contestant ever at this point.
  7. The anxiety isn't what annoys me; it's the "oh my god you liked it???? But I'm TERRIBLE at this!!" swing of it that's bugging me. Clearly you're a great baker, just own it.
  8. Rahul, the Taylor Swift of Bake Off? Who knew. Is his Reputation era imminent?
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  9. His anxiety seems based on social interactions rather than doubting his own abilities and that seems pretty genuine. Him innocently blanking Sandi this week is probably the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud at Bake Off.
  10. Look what you made me do.

  11. Wait is Rahul a neo-Nazi tew? That's going to make things a bitsy awkward in the tent

  12. I guess my issue is less his anxiety and him, but the fact that there hasn't been much of a confidence growth in the past few weeks. This is me speaking as someone who grew up watching FAR too much reality TV, rather than an empathetic human being.

    Compared to Nadiya (a good comparison storyline-wise), you saw her start in a similar space of doubt, but grow increasingly confident in herself and her talent as the weeks went on, culminating to her being the only one to keep her composure in the final and snatch the title, giving her iconic winning speech.

    Rahul's arc, by comparison, has been frustratingly linear, and I'm gonna need a bit more self-awareness from him going forward if I'm gonna root for him to win over the others.
  13. I'll stan Rahul for as long as he keeps slaying the bakes teebs. His anxiety is his own and while seeing him grow in confidence would be lovely, I'm not gonna place expectations on him like that when it's clearly something he acknowledges he struggles with. As far as the competition side of the show goes he's worth rooting for despite not being the most compelling character. He just seems like he's tempering his expectations of himself because while he's a clear frontrunner it's not in the bag yet.

    Let him live!!!
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  14. Whilst you all fight over Rahul, I'll be stanning Kim-Joy - the only true icon left.
  15. That's tea actually.gif
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  16. Ruby and Manon are clearly the most iconic
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  17. I agree with @constantino on Rahul. And by the look of next week's preview, there won't be any growth any time soon. Although it doesn't help if he's being badgered by the hosts or other contestants to cheer up or dance or whatever.

    Also, this is the second week in a row that Paul has singled out Manon and called disappointment. I am amazed she is still here. Is this part of the Remainer's agenda? I am glad to have kept her over Dan and John, but she's next for me.

    Kim-Joy and Ruby are the iconic ones for me. It's 'sugar' and 'spice' personified. Throw in Briony as 'everything nice'.

    Edit: Okay, that comment went down differently than I thought.
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  18. Umm...did you just try and claim a Remain agenda whilst referring to Ruby as ‘spice’?

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  19. Rahul's general lack of confidence and conviction worries me slightly as he's a nuclear scientist at the university that I work at.

    Powerplant goes into meltdown:

  20. It hadn't even crossed my mind that spice could be viewed because of her background (isn't another word that rhymes with spice actually the word used in a derogative way?). I just love that she playfully argues back. I like the trinity of sugar, spice and everything nice in a bakery show. Ruby in personality brings that for me.

    And I wasn't claiming a Remain agenda, why on earth would I seriously do that? Even if I believed in Brexit, why would I look for an argument here? I just tried a bad joke about someone French staying in the competition over someone who on this forum we've likened to a Brexiteer.

    I am sorry. I came across as insensitive in that post. It is just incredibly clumsy.
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