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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Not Steph in the Hollyoaks advert

  2. Does the second challenge usually end this early? We've still got 40 minutes left yet, so I'm wondering if the showstopper is gonna be lit...
  3. Channel 4 probably found time for another ad break

  4. Common is advertising Microsoft?! How... common
  5. which thread are we live posting Celebrity Call Centre in

  6. RJF


    WHO is doing their banking at the side of the road?
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Big Bang Theory finally ending.
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  9. Rahul is definitely going this week isn’t he
  10. Ruby better snatch star baker this week.

  11. ''Manon is a very French baker''

    Would that be because she's French?
  12. The male judge clearly voted for Brexit
  13. Kim-Joy because she can't insert an animal into this bake.
  14. ‘He ran out of confidence’

    Confidence? I said bitch WHERE

  15. Me having not watched for three weeks and seeing that the remaining group is... actually likeable?

  16. LTG


    Paul the Brexiteer jumped out with ha Francophobia
  17. Sandi repeating what Noel just said, only pronounced correctly. Pass-agg queen.
  18. Me trying to choose between making Kim Woodburn or Claudia Winkleman pastries

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  19. RJF


    Cakes with a human likeness are homophobic.
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