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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Will Kim Joy or Manon flop and the judges magically take into account past performance and send Rahul through?! This uncomfortable Steven tea!

  2. Rahul and Manon burning the tent down by accident.
  3. Rahul angrily muttering to himself as he sleep walks to disaster is a VIBE
  4. Kim-Joy sprinkling fruit to hide her mistakes is a mood honestly.
  5. Rahul mewling "you've done your best" to himself

  6. Ruby's looks amazing. Get it queen.

  7. Rahul is about to implode
    Someone give him a hug
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  8. Ruby having the artistic prowess of a toddler

  9. Looks like we’re gonna have an all female final 4.
  10. Manon even managing to make that Hawaiian shirt look chic

  11. Rahul and Manon fucking up is really devastating to watch.
  12. If baking a giant Danish pastry human is anything like making toast, and I can only assume it is, Manon and Rahul should just scrape the black bits off.
  13. Welp, bye Rahul.
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  14. Rahul's little comments to himself are basically the exact things I say in my head every single day...

  15. BTG


    Can we bring Dan back and send him home?
  16. Nana Pat seeing Bryony’s frumpy, broad-backed pastry tribute to her

  17. Rahul swearing omg

    Manons impact
  18. I'm not ready to watch Rahul get dragged again after the break.

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  19. My reputation’s never been worse

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