The Great British Bake Off

I absolutely LOVED reading that, thanks!

I'm glad it's not just me who loved the whole thing - so refreshing to read the views of a Reality TV contestant who was articulate, realistic and, most importantly, neither bitter nor trapped by a fear of ruining their 'future career'... she wasn't my favourite last year (my heart belonged to John) but I have HUGE respect for her now...
In order of likeliness to win in my opinion:
I think Kimberley should do it, she's been the most consistent, and her demeanour is like she's already a TV presenter. I think she would be a very worthy winner, but I think that the producers / Paul really like Ruby, and I'd be happy with her winning as well.
Before this episode I never would've thought she'd do it, but by the end I was convinced and it certainly felt right. I think she will appreciate it the most out of the others as well.
I presume we can talk freely since anyone who doesn't know the result (and doesn't want to know) yet shouldn't really be coming in here yet?...

I'm very happy with the result, she was the one that went on "the journey" that these shows loved. Loved the little bit with her mum without taste buds who was blamed for her style over substance.

Ok, these shows shouldn't be about personality but Kimberley showed her dark side again, the sulk with the first bake (which was a mess) and the constantly "wanting it" but that wedding cake was a complete and utter mess. I still love Ruby and actually thought she was genuine, I did think the tears at the wedding cake was because she felt she let herself down, not because she wasn't going to win anymore. she also looked genuinely happy for Francis (or maybe happy it wasn't Kimberley!) You also have to bear in mind she did the majority of the series whilst still studying/having exams for her degree.

Also, thanks for posting Danny's blog, a real interesting read, and essential I would think for anyone thinking of entering.
Their showstoppers were all HORFICALLY disappointing. I think ruby should have won but they were all a bit shit really.
To be honest, none of them did very well in the final week. All of those wedding cakes looked pretty lopsided and pathetic. Frances deserved to win, but I'm just disappointed that the people left in the finale weren't of a higher standard.
Ruby was awful and rightly didn't win.

Can't help but feel they badly misjudged the final task. The contestants should have got the time to create something truly great and showstopping. Not rushing around trying to finish a cake.
Can't help but feel they badly misjudged the final task. The contestants should have got the time to create something truly great and showstopping. Not rushing around trying to finish a cake.

Totally agree, as one of them said, it takes professionals 6 days to make a wedding cake not 6 hours, AND to have different types of cake within each tier! There was no way they were going to get a truly professional finish.

We also have to remember, this is not a competition to find the best baker in Britain. This is a bake-off competition between a selected number of contestants, as Danny's blog said, they go for a broad range of contestants, not the very best. It is after all an entertainment show and maybe we expect a bit too much from those competing!
Wow! Go Ruby!

What a great, articulate article, made me feel bad for hating on Kimberly. I don't think that's the last we're gonna hear of her, and that's great! Loving her even more!
Ruby, cultural icon and TV star of 2013, was my personal favourite but I was really pleased for Frances. Her constant knock-backs throughout the series seemed unfair so it was lovely to see her get the final prize. And her wedding cake looked uh-mazing. Kimberley, I don't dislike, but I was pleased she didn't win.
I rooted for Kimberley but I am happy for Frances.

Very happy Ruby ballsed up with her cake as for a while I thought she had it in the bag.