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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I've been watching Season 3 over the weekend and it's a really fascinating series. You can see the show is finally figuring out the right balance with the judges.

    What's most strange is the contestants are early drafts of later archetypes: The young Scottish baker, the perfectionist gay, nice and normal mum, nice and normal mum who fakes how nervous she is, boring dad, boring dad, vicars wife and old queer with a possibly tragic history.

    Such a great series.
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  2. Season 3 is the peak of the show for me.
  3. A great series but I just can't stand John Whaite. Danny and Cathryn deserved more.
  4. Series 5 sweetie I'm so sorry.....
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  5. Here's the tea.gif
  6. Are we watching?

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  7. Noel Fielding with blonde hair and Russell Brand with a hideous beard?

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  8. Just when you think Noel's hair can't possibly get any worse

  9. Sandi's wig gets higher and higher with every episode.

  10. A&E


    Paul trying Russell's labia biscuit:

  11. K94


    watching now and wow I didn't know roisin murphy hosts bake off now
  12. Completely forgot this was on tonight. Will have to watch tomorrow
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  13. I've just started watching this from the beginning (well kinda, Netflix in the US has the seasons in a weird order) and I am HOOKE'T

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  14. I am so excited for my bae Russell Tovey next week.

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  15. He's coating the instrument with a lubricating butter.

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  16. The look he gave the camera after that gave me a semi teebs.
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  17. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

  18. Seriously, y’all were stanning Kim Joy so hard without me understanding why, so I watched her season and... I’m caught up.
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  19. I’m so glad Kim Joy won.
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