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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I have plans on the 27th

  2. [​IMG]

    Cannot WAIT!

    Is this my favourite thread on the forum, my little iced buns?! I regularly load up a page at random and end up cackling for 20+ pages at a go.
  3. You just reminded me that Queen Kim-Joy didn't win last year and I'm sad all over again.
  4. Kim-Joy won in my heart and that's what counts.
  5. LTG


    Kim Joy’s the one with a Guardian column so who’s the real winner?
  6. genoise wig
  7. I didn't particularly enjoy the last couple of series, so the commentary on PJ really kept me watching. Looking forward to more of the same this year.
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  8. I forgot about this absolute Daddy
  9. Me now that the new series is so close

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  10. I'm surprised Channel 4 took a chance on Roxanne Pallet, but at least she's sitting at a safe distance from the others.
  11. I already see at least four guys I’m going to fancy, so guess I’m perched!
  12. Someone said their friend was doing it and we will hate them. I am going to guess Jamie or David.
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  13. BTG



    I’m certain this exact same man features every series.

  14. Me scanning this to find potentially iconic womxn and hunties to stan

  15. LTG


    They eat her up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  16. WHERE is the iconic older lady that I stan even though she's usually shit?
  17. Mikey (going by Micheal on the show, the queer erasure)

    He’s great, not sure how he’ll translate to tv. Very excited to see how he does.
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  18. People I might stan based on this photo:
    - Michelle
    - Amelia
    - Steph
    - Sandi's wig
  19. Sophie 3.0 is here

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