The Great British Bake Off


Tibb that's how all pottery starts because you have to centre the clay

And that's sincerely Rhombus X
It’s hard to find someone to root for bar Queen Helena and maybe Priya. Thank you to whoever said in Week 1 that Rosie seems like she smashed a few lines before she speaks, I can’t picture or hear anything else now.

I was hoping to root for the gays initially but seeing how dire the choices ended up being, I limited myself to Michael as he’s super cute and endearing, and he has the cutest smile. Then I realised he looks exactly like my ex and even has the geeky thing going on too, so I’ve had to question this stanning. But I feel myself getting pulled back in...

On a brighter note, this thread always makes me laugh and though we’ve a lack of iconic GIF moments this year, judging by the ones still in use we really have been spoiled these last few years.
Has this been posted yet? It's pretty insightful!

Loving that Kim Joy quit her job before bakeoff to fully concentrate, her new hair and how happy she seems, and the potential tea on John's series as to people who didn't get along.

Also, is Manon losing her French accent a bit, in particular the "it reached 34 degrees on chocolate week"? It's a shame, but understandable.