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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. This is back tonight and I am so excited. There's a preview of the contestants here.
  2. It starts tomorrow.
  3. It was wonderful! Norn Irish guy should have gone though to be fair.
  4. I was so glad that fringe-face left, she was already starting to grate on me.
  5. I'm about to watch the first episode, but how will I prevail without Queen Ruby Tandoh to guide me through?
  6. I love this show so much. There were a few I quite liked, but it'll take another episode or so before I find my favourites. Claire did seem like she could be pretty annoying so I wasn't exactly gutted she went. The irish guy and Jordan were extremely lucky though.
  7. So far I'm loving 'not worried' Nancy, 'been baking for sixty years' Diana, the one who looks a bit like Chrissie Watts and the lovely lady who could do with a bit of hair dye. And the builder!

    I'm glad Claire leaves. She's the kind of woman who would describe herself as 'dead bubbly' to cover up the fact that she is just rudely annoying.
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  8. I'm glad that she went for not understanding the first rule of the Bake-Off - IT'S NOT X-FACTOR! People will be sympathetic to your sob story (because they're British and nice) but it will have no bearing on whether you get booted or not. She should have spent more time on practising her baking and less on plotting her VTs...
  9. The 18 Year Old will win. I mean she evidently did well on her own merits, but at the same time it felt like the producers are really on her side.
  10. Loving Nancy, Martha and Norman.
  11. Yeah, they were extremely lenient on Martha during the signature bake and the show-stopper I felt, presumably becasue she's only 17. Her Swiss roll was lacking a swirl and her miniature cakes weren't exactly uniform. Can't fault her actual baking in terms of flavour and skill it seems, but she needs to up her presentation. Mind, her cherry cake looked amazing.

    Richard the builder is definitely one to watch, I feel like whilst Nancy will effortlessly slay every week, he will be consistently great but fly a little under the radar until closer to the end.

    I'm just sad because I'm going to miss it this week as I'm away on holiday!
  12. I leave for Study Abroad in September! So annoyed, I don't think you can access iPlayer from overseas.
  13. VPN.
  14. Sam


    I want that long haired guy with the awful teeth to go this week, he really got on my tits.
  15. There is absolutely no way the eliminated guy was straight, I'm sorry.

    Jordan is so weird I wish he would go but Belfast is gone any minute now.
  16. The wrong person went this week. We glimpsed his potential last week and he was absolutely superb.
  17. The look on Mary Berry's face when he said he didn't make his own fondant is probably one of my favourite Bake Off moments ever.
  18. No he was grating on me. And you've shot yourself in the foot the second you even consider using something shop bought.

    I think Mary has it sussed. She's getting rid of all the annoying ones first.

    Also, 'I disagree' guy and 'two different colours of shortbread' old man won't be here long. The signs are there early for them. The winner will be someone who punishes themselves week after week - how do you think Queen Ruby got as far as she did last year?
  19. Oh God he is just so so annoying!

    I'm so glad that this year they have some people who can do a good finish / ice. The last few years some of the showshoppers have been really messy, there wasn't a single decent cake in the wedding cake challenge last year, I want to see some works of art! The dragon and the island showed some real skill / artistry.
  20. Oh god, I forgot about that absolute disaster of a wedding cake challenge.
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