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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. The cast this year were really sweet - it was nice to see the friendships they formed and the genuine sense of camaraderie in the tent.

    However, I think as everyone has correctly pointed out though, the lack of memorable personas (beyond Helena) and the standard of the baking itself really made everything fall flat. The strange “I don’t like dairy!”, “everybody knows patisserie is not my thing!”, “if there’s one thing I can’t do... it’s pastry!” declarations at the start of every episode clearly demonstrated that the producers had cast less proficient bakers this year, with the hope that it might create fireworks rather than mediocrity.

    The inconsistent judging and the whiplash of the show jumping between completely uninspired and completely incomprehensible technicals are symptomatic of an ageing show that is not sure whether to reinvent itself or to stick religiously to the original format. The strange mix this year was pretty much the worst outcome imaginable - both alienating for long-standing viewers, and also unable to reinvent or offer anything new to the format.
  2. Prue and Paul discussing their aversion to any and all spices this series

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  3. I’m actually enjoying Junior Bake Off more than the main series...
  4. Junior bake off lets them reset the skill bar a bit. For the first time in years we can have relatable challenges instead of baking obscure tarts from the 1400s which are now only made by one patisserie in rural Germany.
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  5. I find a lot of the junior bakers so funny and sweet and feel for them so much more when stuff goes wrong and they get upset!

    But it does feel more entertaining overall that recent adult bake offs.
  6. RJF


    This Christmas special is a scream; they got a great cast for it.
  7. The Derry Girls Bake Off was a riot, Siobhan is a legend and I think there were some definite gif moments too.
  8. I screamed when Jamie-Lee jumped because Paul was behind her and she said: "Jesus Christ", I loved Siobhan and Saoirse the most, but it was good craic seeing them together, was there a reason why Louisa Harland wasn't there as well, would have been great for them all to be there.
  9. She wasn't available, sadly. Busy doing a play.
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  10. The Derry girls ep was incredible.
  11. Last night's Derry Girls one was a hundred times more fun than anything from the last season.
  12. The past two seasons!
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  13. Sandy and Noel really bring nothing to the table and the interactions with the contestants always seem fake and forced, that’s where Mel and Sue elevated a mediocre contestant into something watchable.

    Best episode in years though.
  14. Such a great watch, and surprised but glad to see nobody saying how adorable Dylan Llewellyn is because now I can put dibs on marrying him.
  15. They've REALLY doubled down on the shit puns for Sandy and Noel. Probably because they have no chemistry.
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  16. Back off, sis. The good sis D is mine.
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  17. This has been a great excuse to get Mamawhovius into Derry Girls anyway.
  18. Honestly I'd be more than happy if Jo Brand was promoted from Extra Slice.
  19. I hope with Sandi leaving Noel departs too, I enjoyed them year one but not since.

    It will never happen but Mel and Sue coming back would be brilliant.
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