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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Say more x
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  2. Maybe get host of the US version Emma Bunton to do it.
  3. Tell us how Antony's chest hair really looks like in person

  4. Hot teebz
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  5. It has been zero pages since Dan was mentioned.
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  6. Ugh I HATE him.
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  7. It's kind of admirable how CONSISTENTLY he is a cunt.
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  8. Matt Lucas? Well, at least it's not Tom Allen.
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  9. I'm here for at least one episode hosted by Marjorie Dawes. Dust Week anybody?

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  10. Bake Off really peaked with series 7, huh
  11. Tom Allen would have been incredible. Do we really want Matt Lucas?
  12. Not particularly, but I really disliked Tom on Extra Slice. I know I'm in a minority there!
  13. I don't think Tom's brand of being mean (jokingly obvs) to the audience bakers on Extra Slice would work on Bake Off.
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  14. Have some tea with this cake.
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  15. I don’t think he’d do that on the main show, he’d be more like he is on Bake Off: The Professionals.
  16. I thought they would have gone for someone with more deadpan humour instead of having two clowns but werk
  17. Jo Brand was right there. Jane McDonald was right there.
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  18. I was convinced that it would be Jane. Jo has said she doesn't want to do the main show as she enjoys doing Extra Slice.
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  19. What did we do to deserve this?

    Tom Allen would have been great.
  20. I used to really like Tom but his one joke has been spread pretty thinly on the numerous panel shows he does. Anyone see The Apprentice You’re Fired? Genuinely painful. It’s the classic example of a stand up having years to hone one set that they do over and over and then burn through it in a couple of Countdown Does Cats appearances and having not much left.

    I don’t think, apart from being camp, the comparisons to Alan Carr are particularly accurate because what Alan is *very* good at is reacting quickly to unsuspected situations. Tom just doesn’t have that natural reaction.
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