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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

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  2. Has anyone watched any of the spinoffs/other countries versions?
    I have been binging this stuff as comfort tv for the last couple of months.

    I just finished the 3 Canadian seasons - which is fine, but not as good as GBBO.
    Watched one episode of the Australian version and it was a bit cringey/trashy - more like "reality tv".
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  3. Corona killed off the Hollywood handshake!

    (Which was never even a thing, I know.)

    New season filmed over four weeks instead of eleven, I read. Can't wait.
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  4. @diamondliam which of your friends is going on this time
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  5. I've just had to go back over the thread to try and remember who won last year.
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  6. Does that mean just 4 episodes? Or does it mean it was filmed with less of a gap for each episode? Rather then just Saturday and Sunday filming.

    Either way I'm glad it will be back.
  7. I think they’ll have kept all the contestants on site rather than having them only come down each weekend.
  8. They’ll get gloriously more knackered throughout filming, which may lead to more pressure and excitement, if the cast is as boring as last years
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  9. Tuesday 22nd September, bakeunties.

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  10. Perched but I've just remembered that Sandi is gone and has been replaced by *checks notes* ...Matt Lucas.

  11. He's going to use that fucking Majorie Doors "Caaaake" voice at least once, isn't he...

  12. He's going to use it every time he says "Baaake".
  13. i'm reserving judgement on Matt. I adore Sandi and think she and Noel were the perfect combo (and better than Mel and Sue)
    I do enjoy Matt, but I hope he doesn't rely too heavily on Little Britain shtick. i watched his lockdown show he did and he came off really well there though.
  14. He's going to be so incredibly annoying. Bring back Melanie and Susan.
  15. I’m sorry but Mel & Sue have actual real genuine chemistry, they are your auntie who says cheesy silly things Noel & Sandi wish.
  16. Can't relate. My aunt is a miserable old bag. And Mel & Sue got a bit too try hard towards the end I think.
    Noel and Sandi remind me of me and my Mum when she's had a bit to drink and I have consumed one too many diet cokes.
  17. Mel, Sue & Mary are Icons and I don’t say that lightly.

    Paul can rot.
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