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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Not death jokes please
  2. Sura's exploding cake and two blue plasters in the 1st challenge ... the chaotic energy

    We have decided to stan already.
  3. BTG


    "To erect his temple"

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  4. Category is... Sally Phillips narrating The Undateables
  5. Wait “lottie” is actually cara delevigne
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  6. Linda isn't giving me enough Flo/Karen energy as the older queen of the series.

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  7. K94


    Sura's chaotic energy - might have to stan on that one


    What season did someone use a microwave to aid them?
  9. Microwaving a cake in the first episode? Iconic
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  10. BTG


    That cake that looks like it's splattered in blood I-

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  11. K94


    Rowan and colour matching

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  12. Lemme open a tab with all the names real quick

  13. Watching a show that has ads for the first time in about a year

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  14. Crumbly and moist

  15. BTG


    Peter's pursed lips are deeply troubling.

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  16. Sura seems to have such disdain for the format of the show and for that I stan
  17. Sam


    It’s 2020 and Prue is still speaking without clearing her throat

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  18. Laura gurl

  19. "I'm getting plain sponge"

    God I miss Stacey.
  20. "But your flowers look quite neat"

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