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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Yeah, just spoiled the winner for myself, ugh, another win for a white, straight male, Queen Hermine or Laura should have won, Laura is messy as fuck, but she's good craic too.
  2. Offset? Have you seen The Apprentice?
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  3. Going through all the Channel 4 era winners so far

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  4. RJF


    At least Peter can go back to haunting the tenement chimney he died cleaning in the 18th Century and leave us alone.
  5. It’s as if Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive box of All Bran.
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  6. I know you dirty whores will like this

  7. Can't believe Gollum won what could have been a great series. Hermine remains the winner in my mind.
  8. He’s so gorgeous, he should have got farther than he did in GBBO.
  9. Rob


    Wait, Dave works as a security guard?!

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  10. His last name is Friday which I thought was hilarious
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  11. Looks like he was baking with Laura from this season...
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  13. His website being ""

    Bitch just make the onlyfans already
  14. Christmas special details.

    Tom Allen replaces Noel Fielding as he was off on paternity.

    And the New Year special...


  15. <aww_jesus_gross.gif>
  16. Just have Ruby in the tent, we don't need the other 3.
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  17. I love Rosie, she's so messy, I love Ruby too.
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  18. I liked Jamie with all his cluelessness so it's nice to see him back.
    Not sure how I'll cope with both Tom and Matt though, I can only handle both on their own in small doses.
  19. I'm watching back Series 9 on Channel 4 and when Queen Helena forgot to make 12 fig rolls and she made 11, she put a space to where the 12th one would have been, but what I didn't realise was that she put DEAD on the 12th space, she's so funny.
  20. There’s a recap show on Channel 4 of all 11 seasons rn
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