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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

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  2. Imagine Ruby finding out she has been grouped with such a shit bunch of bakers, then not even winning it in the end?

    Hopefully the NY episode is more entertaining because Christmas was a snooze.
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  3. Helena remains a joy whenever she is on screen.
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  4. Wait at these few throwaway Christmas/New Year specials being better, more relaxed and enjoyable than the entire last series

  5. Helena should have won the technical challenge.
  6. MB


    Thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas specials. Just think, next time we hear the bake off theme tune the world will (hopefully) be back to some kind of normality!
  7. Im just here to say Rahul's showstopper looked like a botched Nailed It cake ddd
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  8. Honestly for the judges to sit and say Helena didn't deserve to win after she had basically been 2nd in every challenge.

    It felt set up for Rahul even though they critiqued him on every challenge.
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  9. Nancy’s total disdain for Paul never gets old.
  10. So I'm putting The Great Pottery Throwdown on series link... as I just watched the first episode and it was utterly charming, and emotional, and great tv.
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  11. "When Keith cries, I cry."

    Same, girl.
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  12. I can't believe this is Series 4 and it's the first I've seen it. Sal deserved the win, the dogs were phenomenal.
    What an iconic host to boot
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  13. I second all this!
    Sal is iconic.
  14. I’ve never seen Pottery Throwdown before, but one of my old colleagues is on this year so I watched this first episode. What an absolute joy it is!

    Did anyone else worry when Rose was carrying the pottery down stairs in that long skirt?
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  15. I appear to be starting the last series of Throwdown before bed (it's on All4, I hope they put up the first 2 as well).
    The talent on display.... whew, and the pottery.
  16. I’m already obsessed! Sal and Lee’s cheese sets looked incredible.
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  17. Y'all really missed out on Throw Down, I highly recommend tracking it down. The first 2 series were BBC 2 though so might be trickier.

    Is anyone else watching Junior Bake Off? Can we have Ravneet Gill replace Paul?
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  18. I’ve binged the entire last Junior series before this new one. Kian and Fin were hilarious!

    I’m enjoying the lack of Prue on the new one. And obviously Paul!
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  19. I'm just catching up on the specials and this was incredible. Can we not have a Bake off Allstars with all our old faves returning? It also shows up Matt and Noel for how dreadful they are at interacting with the bakers when Tom Allen does it all so naturally. I would love it if he could replace them.

  20. As well as loving Pottery Throw-Down 2020, I'm also loving Junior Bake-Off.
    Harry Hill is great, the kids full of personality, and disaster, but it's all so warm.
    Great stuff
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