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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Episode 2 of Throw-Down, straight into hand building. I adore Sal, Irina, Jodie and Adam... his final piece was magical.
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  2. Gutted about who went.
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  3. Same, should have been "building without a door" henny
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  4. BTG


    Alon and his gorgeous hair though.

    It’s not quite delivering the high camp and mess of Bake Off but I love it. It’s a charming watch and without the Tory undertones.
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  5. The house building episode was magical. I cried at the mushroom house. Sal remains iconic.
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  6. This evenings JBO was comedy gold.
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  7. I adored the first season of this. Glass blowing was something that some people in college got to do and I was so jealous.
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  8. Next Celebrity/SU2C series. Jade, Nuhdeen, Alexandra Burke... could be iconic. I hope they're on the same episode!
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  9. Get ready for lots of...
  10. What a line up! Huns aplenty!
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  11. I know this sin't the thread for Throw Down but a few of us have mentioned it here.
    Let us never forget:

  12. That episode gave me so much life!
  13. I nearly cried when Hannah(?)'s final piece shattered. If it had stayed together it could have won. It looked sublime.

    Other than Bruce, all the rest were....interesting. Ed Sheeran coming out looking like Elton John? Classic.
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  14. My boyfriend got me a Valentines Day cameo from Kim-Joy.

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  15. Apologies for hijacking the Bake Off thread for yet another Bake Off esque series, but I just need to put it out there how much this woman from Interior Design Masters is making my Tuesday evenings a delight!


    An icon.
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  16. YES!
    I've just dived in with episode 4, to give it a go, and it's superb.
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  17. The latest Pottery Throw Down results are a joke.

    I can understand the reasoning for the elimination but it felt pretty cruel.
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  18. Nn my boyfriend was shook that they booted off Sal, who up until this point was a pretty clear front runner.

    Hannah still being in the competition is a bit of a scream tbh.
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  19. The Celeb Bake Off starts next Tuesday, so not long until we get to see Nadine working with FLOYER.
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