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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Me debating whether I can get over the name "Chigs" in this instance
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  2. A&E


    I would post something about the bakers but I forget each of their names as soon as they're off screen.

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  3. That opening
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  4. RJF


    Gays with greyhounds... delete them.
  5. "Hashtag winging it"
  6. Wait Jairzeno

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  7. Hello welcome to Bake Off land.
  8. Jairzeno walking in my local park...

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  9. Last year I had to have a cheat sheet. For who was who with and odd description.
  10. Fizz from Coronation Street is giving me "assumes she will be a Popjustice baking icon" vibes. Do I intend to stan?
  11. Crystelle come thru
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  12. It really has been a whole year since Sura and the fly, huh?

  13. I hope someone this year can be that iconic.
  14. Also where is the link to all the Bake Off GIFs that gets shared every year. I need to spam my boyfriend with them.
  15. NOT Chrystelle instantly icing a chair

  16. Maggie's voice is giving Mrs. Doubtfire.
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  17. Maggie and Prue's UKIP duo energy

  18. Amanda already bombing, thus validating my Stacy comparisons early on
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  19. LTG

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