The Great British Bake Off

Jurgen's wife when he calls to tell ha he won star baker

Tom was a useless sweetheart but I’m so glad Amanda stayed, she also gave me Stacey vibes and made me cackle a couple of times.

Them asking Lizzie why she was behind and her going ‘just a slow person’ is my kind of energy.

I liked all the women, some of the men can go (but not Chigs),

Standard seemed very varied, some absolute shockers (George’s mini rolls were worse than anything that ever came out my oven, Tom’s ‘showstopper’…. well) and most of them struggled on at least one bake BUT Guiseppe’s mini rolls, Maggie’s malt loaf and the flower work Freya and Crystelle did was really quite amazing.

Jurgen.. sweet I guess but is it really gravity defying if you SCREW IT IN WITH A SPANNER