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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. "I do better with my back against the wall anyway"

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  2. RJF


    I've had nine hours sleep across the last two nights so of course the fucking McDonald's advert is making me well up
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  3. Mabel's twee, Radio 2-baiting Cyndi Lauper cover -

  4. "I do better with my back against the wall anyway"

    A range of scenarios I could imagine here, Chigs!

  5. "Mostly, [matcha is] too strong for me"

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  6. Prue getting the wrong end of the stick when she hears "Torii gate"

  7. Crystelle's sister being called Shantelle is too perfect.
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  8. "Do you go up the sides, or just put it in the bottom?"

    Oh Chigs, do you have to ask?

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  9. The way Jürgen sniffs out that the production team want drama and flopping and doesn't give them an inch

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  10. All of the guys bakes look quite simple really.
  11. fff the camera resting on Crystelle's structure a second too long I thought it would be a

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  12. Jurgen's Torii Gate... Kim-Joy, her impact!

  13. This winners edit for Chigs

  14. RJF


    I don't think they're going to send any of them home.
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  15. Keep them all
  16. I’d actually be here for a non elimination this week.
  17. The power that that has. The Crystelligence that that has.
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  18. GAGGED!
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  19. Fuck this show.
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