The Great British Bake Off

My heart dropped out of my ass when Queenstelle served that floppy dough water as focaccia. Poor her.

Not mad at Giuseppe winning despite him being my least fave of the three. I lowkey thought Chigs had it in the bag though? He beat G in the technical and had across the board positive comments on the Showstopper but G had one or two mixed comments. They all deserved though, and had an incredible run.

Now fire Paul, Matt, and Noel, and bring back Mary, Mel, and Sue.
Just started s12

I wanna see Chigs sit on George's face

This is where I report on shameless Bake Off spinoffs, and I'm happy to report Melanie Clare Sophie Giedroyc had me at "Morning wood.... workers". I love Handmade.

I wish the Big Painting Challenge was still on iPlayer, missed that one.