The Great British Bake Off


they // she
Mhm yes fill me up Abdul, Sandro and James

That opening is one I'd the worst skits I've ever seen (and I sat through two episodes of Horne and Cordon).

It feels queer friendly this year as ever, I'm excited.
Just caught up from last night. While I don't know him personally, James is a friend of a (very close) friend so I'm glad he pulled it back after tanking in the technical challenge.
Finally finished the episode. I'm not sure what I expected or what is different but I think I'm maybe just over Bake Off as a format?
Normally the first episode is a bit chaotic and messy (the first episode of the lockdown era with the Bowie cake is maybe the best single episode of Bake Off) but the cake houses were boring, Matt is still insufferable, and I'm just not feeling it.

Will still probably watch every week but with way less enthusiasm than usual.