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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Chicken Satay Macaron?!
  2. K94


    Sandro is really the finest man on earth

  3. ADM


    Maxy is STUNNING.

    Sandro. My lord.
  4. BTG


    I’d eat Abdul, James and Sandro’s macarons to be fair.

  5. A&E


    Scream not some of them making actual feather shaped decorations

  6. ADM


    Girls he’s even hotter on IG I am struggling
  7. Biscuit masks?

  8. A&E


    Sandro could break my gender stereotypes

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  9. My colleagues to me when I'm working from home:

  10. A&E


    "My nose is the 3D element" same Janusz
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  11. BTG


    To Carole:

  12. Not the gay clique this year fjdjjd
  13. A&E


    Nothing as creepy as this one, sadly

  14. A self respecting fag would let the hair transplant settle before going on national tv
  15. He says wrong. But on this clearly new twitter account 2 of the 7 accounts he follows are Rylan and Robin Windsor.
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  16. Sam


    Sandro could **** this ***** until it ***** *** and full of ***** and then ***** ** **** ****** ** and make me ********
  17. Oooh I love a word puzzle.

    I'd like to buy a vowel please.

    I cannot stand her.
  19. I'd just like to a) say that Maxy is perhaps the most beautiful woman they've ever had in the tent, and b) express my dislike for the clips of the contestants in their "normal" lives, because they're always so weird and awkward. You start off with "Sue works for the council and likes baking for her friends" and by episode 3 it's "Sue enjoys meeting her friends every Thursday for Railway Night, where they handcraft life-size railway stations using only three twigs and a hairclip" accompanied by footage of Sue and her "friends" acting like they've never met each other before.

    Case in point: Rebs terrorising her poor ancient cat with a tin whistle.
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