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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. A spicy bumhole will kill her off won’t it
  2. The way Rebs hasn’t received even a whiff of praise all season. It’s honestly impressive.
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  3. plsss
  4. Prue's bumhole that night

  6. When I put tit milk in my tres leches cake
  7. "'Tres Leches Cake' basically means 'Three Milk Cake'"

    We fucking know, Paul
  8. BTG


    Something something I’d drink Sandro, James and Abdul’s tres leches something something.

  9. LTG


    She should have drowned kids as a cat

  10. Glenda Jackson and Prue Leith at the birthing insane people store
  11. Freddy Krueger is Prue's baby daddy???

  12. How about a Day of the Dead cake for the kitties Prue drowned???

  13. [​IMG]
  14. K94


    James adding the bandana to his outfit

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  15. Diane Krueger is Prue’s daughter?? No it’s true it’s true
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  16. BTG


    It’s because your cakes are shite Rebs.

  17. "I don't want to go home"

    Well guess what Mimi...
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  18. "It's holding up well but it's a mess"

    Honestly, Abdul? Same.

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