The Great British Bake Off

He shouldn't have thrown it away, but she should have admitted.

Thing is - maybe he does have his own designated freezer - but surely you would tell him if you've taken it out?
Fair enough, he massively overreacted by throwing the whole lot in the bin, but it wasn't entirely his own fault. It was pretty shitty of Diana to just take it out without telling him, and then just leave it there on the side and not even apologise afterwards. Surely his own freezer, or the freezers on that side of the room, must have been full already? There'd be no reason for him to take it over to that side otherwise.
Shady Diana. She clearly asked Nancy who's it was, so really she could of asked Iain if he could move it OR found another freezer instead of leaving it on the side to melt. Sad to see the eye candy go.
You know it's a tough year in terms of looks when Ian is considered eye candy. I did really like him though, he seemed a nice guy.
I dislike Luis too, and I'm not really sure why. I'm sure I've seen a film with a serial killer in it that looks exactly like him, so I think it's maybe that that's putting me off, aside from him being a bit cringe.

I liked his beard, it was cute.

Call me a Sadist, but I quite enjoy the contorversy this has caused and the way everyone's hating Diana. Sue's made a statement, so has Paul. Amazing.

Only in this country.
Absolute rage. The one week he was doing well too.

Oh, I fucking WONDER what will happen if I take this icecream out and leave it on the sideboard on this swelteringly hot day. Without telling him. Absolute tit for doing that, she's dead to me.

I know he shouldn't have reacted like that but I totally understand it too. And although Sue was being her usual funny self I really think just a bit more empathy then would've calmed him down.
Pretty much every contestant on the show (that's on Twitter) has defended Diana, so I'm guessing it was edited to make the situation look far shadier than it was. It seems she took it out of the freezer less than a minute before Iain went to take it out himself, so it probably didn't really freeze in the first place and then the heat melted what little of it had frozen. It was Iain's own actions that led to his elimination rather than Diana's anyway. He'd probably still be there if he hadn't thrown it in the bin.
Diana has LEFT the show due to illness.

Obviously has nothing to do with #bingate because it was filmed months ago. Heck.

Meanwhile, The BBC have had to release a statement after over 500 complaints. Amazing.
I've decided I'm not a big fan of anyone this year. Maybe Nancy.

Definitely not bitter after applying and not getting anywhere.


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I can't believe the "She did it deliberately" nonsense. She was thoughtless, and stupid, but as a calculating action to wreck his chances? Horseshit.

However, I don't think he should have gone, as at least he was relatively interesting to look at.
I don't think she did it on purpose, in the sense of setting out to sabotage him, but it was definitely an incredibly selfish thing to do, and what did she think was going to happen if she leaves ice cream out on a boiling hot day. Iain said in an interview that they don't have designated freezers anyway, and that 2 of the 5 freezers had broken down which is why they were short on space and he went over to that side of the room.

As much as I'd have liked him to stay, I can understand why Mary and Paul sent him home. He could have easily just covered his cake in the meringue and then put some of the melted ice cream in a dish next to it. It would have been more of a sauce than an ice cream, but they'd have still been able to judge the taste of it. The moment he threw it in the bin, he sent himself home. How are they meant to judge when they have nothing to judge on?

Anyway, in the long run it'll probably be the best thing that's happened to him. He didn't have a chance of winning, and this way he's got a massive amount of attention, which will probably lead to getting cooking slots on shows like This Morning or Sunday Brunch etc. He was also being interviewed on Newsnight tonight haha. Who would have thought it would cause such a scandal?