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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Rob


    Hmmm not the content I was hoping for.
  2. Surely enough time has passed between this and the early series t hat they can start redoing some of the challenges

    Following Sandro's twitter and insta in the hope of something salacious
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  3. Finally watched the finale. Sandro TV career FLOPPED
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  5. Please replace him with a funny female.
  6. Alice from My Dad Wrote a Porno would be incredible.
  7. Jane McDonald or we riot.
  8. Thank fuck for that. His constant gurning for the camera was insufferable. It is a bit of a mess that since the show moved to channel 4 they’ve had a revolving door of presenters which isn’t a cute look. They need to replace Matt with a female presenter - I’d like to throw my queen Nadiya Hussain’s hat into the ring because she is queen and would make a great host having been a contestant. Look at Brook Lyn Hytes!!
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  9. June Sarpong has just left her job as BBC's Director of Creative Diversity. She'd be brilliant on this.
  10. Now wait a sec, this would be amazing

    I don't find Matt funny or likeable to be honest, I won't really miss him
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  11. Matt was a problem, but I don’t think he was THE problem with the most recent series being dire.

    Unless we get a shake up of the judging or give us a back to basics approach to the bakes I think I’m done.
  12. The last series was so boring
  13. Yeah, the bakes are so complicated now it's not fun to watch. Everything ends up falling flat because they just don't have enough time. It's anti-climatic.

    I'd much rather watch them make victoria sponge cakes.
  14. It was a strange one. None of them seemed to be amazingly wow bakers, but then the challenges seemed a bit ridiculous at times. And I feel like Abdul barely featured and then was suddenly in the final. Syabira was very sweet though and I was happy she won.
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  15. DAS


    I'd love to see someone like Ellie Taylor present GBBO so I'm throwing her name in the ring for Matt's replacement
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  16. I'd love Sarah Millican to have it but they'll never get her with her touring schedule. She'd fit into it perfectly.
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  17. Seems to be sausage week on Sandro's Instagram stories
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  18. My eyes

  19. When reality TV worlds collide. My new fave couple.

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