The Great British Bake Off

Surely enough time has passed between this and the early series t hat they can start redoing some of the challenges

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Thank fuck for that. His constant gurning for the camera was insufferable. It is a bit of a mess that since the show moved to channel 4 they’ve had a revolving door of presenters which isn’t a cute look. They need to replace Matt with a female presenter - I’d like to throw my queen Nadiya Hussain’s hat into the ring because she is queen and would make a great host having been a contestant. Look at Brook Lyn Hytes!!
Yeah, the bakes are so complicated now it's not fun to watch. Everything ends up falling flat because they just don't have enough time. It's anti-climatic.

I'd much rather watch them make victoria sponge cakes.
The last series was so boring

It was a strange one. None of them seemed to be amazingly wow bakers, but then the challenges seemed a bit ridiculous at times. And I feel like Abdul barely featured and then was suddenly in the final. Syabira was very sweet though and I was happy she won.