The Great British Bake Off

Was Jesy's Beyoncé/"Independent Women Part I" cosplay intentional? I fear I already know the answer.

The challenges are getting too hard, there's no harm in repeating some of the technicals

Last series suffered by letting Maxy go

At least we got the full Sandro
Just bringing to back to the most recent season:

Interested that the showrunner admits it was an overall weak effort. I respect that filming two lockdown seasons must have been exhuasting so hopefully they can improve with the next post-Covid season

It's strange they talk about filming 2 seasons in lockdown as being exhausting. They literally had an 8-9 month break before filming the post-Covid season.

The best thing the show can do is bring it back to basics. None of these nonsense technicals where nobody has ever even heard of what needs to be baked.