The Great British Bake Off

The more I think about it, the more I feel this is a perfect casting. She's not a professional comedian so she won't come in with a prepared list of baking themed jokes that will be shore horned in and be as funny as infanticide. Her funniness comes from her being off the cuff and a jewel of a woman. Her warm and bubbly personality will shine through and I feel she will be a real comfort to anyone who has a moment in the tent, much like Sandy was.
Remember when Matt admitted didn't really do any screen tests because Noel had a dream he was presenting with him and basically got him fast tracked through the process

And look how that ended up

The last few seasons have been a bit of a chore so this is a great sign that they have taken the learns.

Alison will bring joy to the show again. I do like Noel but I think Alison could have carried this herself without the need to have to interact with him.

Less cooking challenges, more baking and some interesting contestants and this will be brilliant again.