The Great British Bake Off

I really wanted this year to be the year I got back into bake-off but I routinely forgot is was on each week and now it’s the finale?! Honestly just put the show to bed at this point.
Josh was consistently the better baker over the course of the show and would have been a worthy winner. Matty did a great job in the final shower stopper though. They all seem like nice guys.

I did let out a scream when they showed what everyone got up to after the show finished. Lots of different groups meeting up and then cutting to Abbi in the forest foraging for food.
Bit harsh that Josh basically lost because he's boring.

Still completely on board with them finding a way to justify the leaning tower winning over Josh's months of consistency dd
Matty was the only winner after that episode really. His showstopper was pretty much perfect other than a slight lean. Dan was never going to win after the first two rounds and Josh really slipped up in the showstopper with bad decoration and not brilliant flavours.
It was a fairly uneventful series. Those final showstoppers were nowt spesh at all.
Yeah they were giving: