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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. This is actually really sad. Bake Off is dying right before our eyes and there's nothing we can do to save it.
  2. It's almost impressive how the show has gone from a bulletproof TV juggernaut to this within about a day.
  3. Hiddleswift, their impact.
  4. My favourite part of the Guardian article about it all:
    "little films", "internal breaks", "removed without much loss".

    Didn't they tell you that the Grauniad was a savage.
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  5. Low key I don't mind the history lessons being excised.
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  6. This is putting me off the current season, it feels like it's over already.
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  7. This will go down in the history books as one of the biggest tv fuck ups of all time.
  8. There's probably going to be a documentary on this in a few years. Never has a number one TV show imploded as quickly and futilely as this.
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  9. I'm now worried for the future of The Apprentice...

    This is terrifying...
  10. Oh god, all the talk of Alan Carr presenting has got me imagining his attempts at Mel and Sue style innuendo.

    ''Ooh, these iced fingers look like a cock, don't they?! A big rock hard cock covered in jizz!''
  11. DON'T.
  12. The glorious rise and sad demise of the biggest telly show in the UK. I'm glad Mel & Sue have stuck to their principles and I hope Paul, Mary and Jo follow suit.

    Fingers crossed the Beeb move fast on this and produce a whole new baking show with the same team.
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  15. Somewhere in the garden shed that comprises the TV studio of Watch, Richard Madeley and a perpetually nervous Judy rub their hands together and plot their return to terrestrial TV.
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  16. I think the sports relief versions show that not just anyone can do the bake-off presenting gig, they are generally excruciating! Mel & Sue really are integral to it all.
  17. This situation is really messed up, and it bothers me that one of my favorite TV shows has just imploded from one day to the next. Bake Off is so easy to make fun of, but together with The West Wing, which I first watched around the same time Bake Off startet, showed me that television can work without the endless layers of cynicism and nihilism pretty much every other show is wrapped in.
  18. So where does the fault actually lie? Is it the BBC or the production team?

    I know it's much more complicated than this, but why would anyone actually want to move from BBC One to Channel 4? A great big sum of money yes, but I'd much rather have the integrity of the show still in tact that loads of money.
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  19. This is all awful. Gutted Mel and Sue have left and I can't imagine Paul and Mary really working on Channel 4. I have to admit I barely watch C4 now anyway.
  20. I could envision Davina McCall as a good replacement.
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