The Great British Bake Off

Diana isn't doing herself any favours:

Yes I admit I took his ice-cream out of the freezer and this sounds terribly selfish but this was my space and I didn't even see him put it there. I honestly don't know why he put it there. The three of us on that side of the tent, Chetna, Nancy and myself, were told that this was our freezer to use and to manage it to the best of our ability. I don't regret taking his Baked Alaska out of the freezer. Of course I didn't do it viciously but we were all wanting a freezer and it was utter chaos, utter chaos. I thought he had his own freezer."
Yeah, how can she argue when you didn't so it viciously when she then turns around and says "It was MY freezer, I was being selfish so took his out and didn't tell him I was doing it/going to do it"?
Absolutely spot on.

This was clearly a shonky edit which you may expect from Big Brother or X Factor but not GBBO.

I think the editorially-picked comment below the article is a bit more spot on. I don't think Diana was the victim of a dodgy edit in the slightest... she did take it out of the freezer, it was hot in the tent (you could tell how quickly the ice creams were melting from the speed at which everyone was rushing to slop their meringue on), and it was her fault that Iain's bake was spectacularly fucked.

Of course, witch hunts are bad and Iain should have gone anyway, but let's not excuse her because she's old.

Hmmm. I agree it has unfortunately turned into a bit of a witch hunt. And I have some sympathy for Diana, who doesn't deserve to be publicly villified, particularly at her age.
But I also don't believe she was innocent. I just think she didn't realise her small act of sabotage, which is a pattern of behaviour that many passive aggressive people get away with on a daily basis unnoticed, would be picked up by the cameras and come back to bite her on the bum in quite such a spectacular fashion.
No-one could actively remove someone else's ice cream from the freezer, which had been specifically put there to set, on one of the hottest days of the year, without realising what would happen to it. And to cap it all, her comments of "It's there, Iain, love," indicating the end of the bench, and "Well, he did have his own freezer" (or words to that effect) indicate she knew exactly what she was doing. She was 'teaching him a lesson' in a passive aggressive way, without saying anything to him about it for using 'her' freezer.
I know people like this. They have confessed their small acts of sabotage to me when gently confronted with them. It's an ingrained behaviour pattern that makes sense to them. They tend to be very polite people who consider it rude to be what they consider confrontational with people, eg "Why is your ice cream in MY freezer – use your own." They act silently to punish what they think of as an act of transgression (eg using MY freezer). It would never have crossed Diana's mind that anyone would notice and blame her, because without cameras nobody would have seen her do it, and she's probably behaved in this passive aggressive way for years.
Nonetheless, nobody wants to see an elderly lady publicly villified and I hope she can weather the storm and it blows over quickly.
The plot thickens...

On Extra Slice, they showed that Iain originally had his ice cream in the same freezer as Luis and Luis kept the freezer open whilst he piped his meringue, so it may not have just been Diana's fault...
Quite. If you add nuts or seeds to an ice cream you are upping it's oil content so it's less likely to set in any case. That with the weather, and the fact he obviously moved it out of his assigned freezer because the other male contestant kept opening it to pipe his own make me suspect the result would have been the same regardless. Certainly, 40 seconds to a minute out of a freezer shouldn't make well made ice cream melt.

However, with Anne out due to illness, I think he'll be brought back in the next episode anyway.

Bet all those people that complained to Ofcom/the BBC feel a bit silly now.
Jordan blaming #bingate or #alaskagate or #whateveryouwanttocallitgate on the constant interference from the cameras and the dodgy appliances.

Odd, because many of the contestants seem to be flourishing and yet they are all given the exact same treatment and appliances, Sure it's not just that you're a shit baker mate? (Jordan, not Iain)

The producers have to ask them questions... It's a TV show for crying out loud.

GBBO is obviously the most innocent of the reality/talent shows, but it gobsmacks me when the ex-contestants complain that the reality shows aren't precisely how they come across on TV. It's just very naive and quite ignorant.
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I was thinking this, and she pulled out immediately after Alaskagate, and he was coy when he's return was brought up in the interview, however, they do normally have a double elimination, so they'd probably just skip that to keep on track.
I think the right person went tonight, he just had no idea how to be creative with flavours.

Lavender in meringue? Yuck.
Aww bless I loved Norman and his no nonsense approach. It was the right time for him to go though.

And yay Kate won Star Baker! She ma Queen.
Yes, Norman's time was well and truly up. I really like Kate too, so glad she got star baker (and the great comment about Northerners should be better at pies and she's as southern as they come). So sweet her helping out Martha too. I actually really like Martha as well, she looked heartbroken on the first challenge so was pleased she subsequently did do well.

Now the two boys (I can't remember they're names) it is great that they are so good, and either is probably shoe in for winner, but it's actually getting a bit boring, good to see one of them fluff up a bit this week.