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The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. popknark

    popknark Moderator


    I would also like to add the following:

    From Romania (2008)

    <a href=""> Lagaylia Frazier - Dr. Frankenstein </a>

    From Slovenia (2005-2006)

    <a href=""> Atomik Harmonik - Polkaholik </a>

    <a href=""> Sasa Lendero - Mandoline </a>

    <a href=""> Rebeka Dremelj - Pojdi Z Menoj </a>
  3. As previously mentioned by others, 'I Need You' by Deuce is certainly amongst the best the UK never sent. Nanne's 'HÃ¥ll Om Mig', of course (but definitely, DEFINITELY not 'Men' from the UK selection) along with 'Dansa i Neon' from Lena PH back in 87. If ever I get a band started, a cover of Dansa i Neon would be one of the first things I'd want to do. It's brilliant.

    I think we can safely add 'Snälla, Snälla' to the list along with whatever was up against 'Long Live Love' by Olivia Newton-John. Anything would have been better than that, surely?
  4. Agree that Deuce's 'I Need You' would have done us proud at Eurovision...and it went top 10 in the UK despite not getting chosen! Two more absolute corkers that richly deserved to be heard by Europe....
    Sweden - BWO Temple of Love (beaten by Carola the Witch in 2006)
    Spain - La Casa Azul 'La revolucion sexual' beaten last year by the Chiki Chiki novelty act

    No pop justice there, I'm afraid.
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  5. Shocking! That upsets me greatly! I never understood why Deuce didn't get through, it was an amazing song, nice little dance routine, very euro-friendly etc.

    You've got me all depressed now with that statement....

    Altho, having said that, i'm terrible for not voting in these things...
  6. I was listening to Sister Sway in my car this morning. Aaah what could have been...

    And with regards to Deuce, I can vaguely remember a post-contest interview with them (and i mean vague, i was only 9 at the time), their own belief for why they didnt win was that the public assumed they would win as they were really the only well-known act competeing. They'd obviously never heard of Samantha Fox or Londonbeat.
  7. If we're honest though, Londonbeat were hardly current having had their only big hit in 1990 and Sam Fox hadn't had a hit for 6 years and wasn't really famous for her musical talents anyway.

    Deuce never seemed happy about taking part anyway, and I doubt they'd have won Eurovision anyway (see Mekado, the German entrant from the previous year which despite being fun and jolly and rather good only came 3rd in one of the dullest contests ever).
  8. I agree; they probably wouldn't have won. I Need You is a perfect 3 minute popsong, and sounded even more like a pop oasis back then in the height of guitar-based Britpop. Nonetheless, I always presumed Kelly was the only one singing live in the selection show, and wonder whether they could have nailed the backing vocal live at Eurovision exactly as it sounded on the backing track, even with the aid of 2 additional off-to-the-side vocalists.

    (Hell, with a Tom Watkins group, who the hell knows if the other 3 were even singing on the backing track!)

    However, Deuce may have deluded themselves a bit, as the presumed winner at the time was Sam Fox. I vividly recall the tabloids backing her, and all of the preview ads for the selection show were underscored with Go For The Heart. I remember it seemed like a bit of a fix at the time.

    I reckon what hurt Deuce more than anything was performing first in the show. And, for whatever reason, urban music fans inexplicably appeared to be voting that year!
  9. DId you ever hear 'No Surrender', their 1996 comeback single (without Kelly)? That track proved that they could not sing in harmony. The lead was ok, but the others... They honked their way through a few backing vocals until professional backing vocalists took over.

    These are, for my money, two of the best ever non-qualifiers for Eurovision:

    Pernilla Wahlgren - Piccadilly Circus

    Arja Saijonmaa - Högt över Havet
  10. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I never posted which songs were featured in this little banner!


    From left to right:

    UK 2005: Katie Price - Not Just Anybody

    Sweden 2006, 2008 & 2005: Linda Bengtzing - Jag Ljuger Så Bra / Hur Svårt Kan Det Va? / Alla Flickor

    Belgium 2006 & 2004: Roxane - Push It (The live vocals weren't all that, but the performance and studio version are awesome) / Television Game

    Belgium 2008 & 2004: Femme Fatale - Décadence (Again, weak live vocals, but an amaaaaaazing performance!) / Je Chante Pour Toi (as Biba Binoche)

    Estonia 2004: Kerli - Beautiful Inside
  11. Oh, Charley - grattis on another glorious graphic which was so fabulous that it almost diverted my eye from the actual musical brilliance it represents. I don't think it's over the top in any way to include *all* of The Bengtzing's songs, as they really are all stand-up tremendous individual pieces that would have done Sverige proud at the contest.

    Décadence. Some kind of Belgian voting meltdown on that one - it was amazing. Although Ishtar was bloody inspired.

    If we had had someone who could actually sing, I'm confident that 'Not Just Anybody' would have been an absolute triumph. The song is actually very good.

    Excellent choices.
  12. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Thanks tracksndecks!

    Romania 2006:
    Indiggo - Be My Boyfriend

    I had completely forgotten about this track! A couple of days ago I randomly stumbled upon this little tune and I'm sooo glad I did! The europop song, the outfits, the cheesiness of it all... It's still brilliant!

    Belgium 1999:
    Medusa - Into My Life (Lasgo)

    Before she was the lead singer in Lasgo, Evi Goffin tried out for Eurovision as Medusa. The guy on keyboards is Lasgo producer Peter Luts! The song wasn't that great, but don't you just love the idea of Lasgo at Eurovision?

    or if we're being serious...

    The lady that came 2nd to Scooch... I was absolutely gutted about that. I feel like we would've done really well with her a la Jessica Garlik

    I used to love Alberta's 'Dont It Make You Feel So Good' (UKSF 1998?) but after recently listening to it.... just no.
  14. A million times, yes! I actually think Terry Wogan was doing a public service by announcing the wrong winner that year. Public outcry, complaints and vote rigging scandals be damned. Sometimes you have to save the public from themselves.
  15. I do remember having my sneaky suspicions that he'd done it on purpose...
  16. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  17. Let's just remind ourselves why the British public should never be allowed to decide these things again, however badly the BBC muck things up they would never get it this wrong:

    Cyndi - I'll Leave My Heart With You
    Scooch - Shaming The Flag

    What an embarrassment. Someone obviously saw this and thought what a great eurovision entry it would be.

    Of course it wasn't the first time the voters got it so horribly wrong as evidenced by Deuce. Even Sam Fox was better than that tragic "urban" Stereo MC wannabe rubbish that was picked in 95.

    The UK hasn't got it right since 1998 in my opinion and it's shown in the placings at Eurovision.
  18. This came 2nd place in the Romanian national final in 2006. It's so catchy, I have no idea why it didn't get through.
    For inexplicable reasons, this didn't get selected to represent Austria this year.
    Conchita Wurst-That's What I Am
  19. I am very happy that Norway chose Tooji this year, but I will always have a special place in my heart for "Elevator" by Irresistible featuring Carlprit....

    Because when I get tipsy, I steal clothes like a gypsy as well.
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