The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

Sweden could have back to back wins. Alas...


duckface, I'm so glad there's another person on earth who feels the same way I do.
(Granted, it may just be us, but that's fine. Only you and I, we're the ones tonight.)
Swedish House Wives were amazing.

Also, this:

That Josh Dubovie song was my guilty pleasure (the original mix when he won the talent show).

Maybe that's because it sounded like a long lost Jason Donovan demo from 1989?
Completely unrelated to any selection process, but from the very first time I heard this I thought: this is a Eurovision smash.

Has this been mentioned? Estonian preselection, 2003.
If we can suggest songs that were never intended to be Eurovision but ought to have been, then Turkey should have been all over this song this year.
I'm such a nationalist when it comes to Eurovision, promoting Serbia all the time, but I think this would've made a damn fine entry back in 2006. It's literally one of the best tracks we ever had. It mixes traditional and modern elements quite well, and the girl created it all by herself, so we could forgive her an occasional bum note.



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I really wanted this to win the 2009 Melodifestivalen.
The song he entered in 2007 Cara Mia was pretty good too.