The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

Still forever pressed both Karin Park and Jenny Langlo lost out to Mørland & Debrah Scarlett's nonsense at Norway's 2015 Melodi Grand Prix

I think the staging let both of these down a little. What the hell was Karin wearing? Dominatrix outfit toppled with a white bed sheet? The song called for something much more classier than that, I think. It was too distracting. All I saw on Twitter during her performance was a lot of "oh this reminds me I need to change my bed sheets", not how beautiful the song is. The epileptic-inducing lights were too much too, I think.

Jenny's styling was a choice as well, and the staging and lights didn't really lift that massive chorus higher, it just made it appear empty, almost. I think there were too many electropop-y songs that year for both of them to really stand out, which put Mørland & Scarlett in a better position. But Norway ended up finishing 8th in the grand final, so it could have been a lot worse.
How I wish that Loreen Da Queen did MF 2011 with Euphoria and then win ESC 2012 with this one

Sure, Filipa Azevedo ended up doing ok, but this would have done even better for Portugal in 2010

The Finnish 2006 National Finals had such great tunes that you could be forgiven for thinking that choosing Lordi was a reckless gamble.

So with the 2017 contest drawing near, do y'all have any songs from this year's national selections that you feel you'll be bopping to long after they announce that we're off to Tallinn in 2018?

For me a couple that stand out both made the finals of the Lithuanian competition:

Greta Zazza's Like I Love You

and Aistė Pilvelytė's I'm Like A Wolf



Now if only the studio version of Aistė's could make its way to iTunes.
I've been enjoying one of the songs VANQUISHED by VERONA

Also love this Polish also-ran penned by Kempe

And every once in a while I like to listen to a song with male vocals just for that hit of testosterone, so here's a Danish finalist

Finally you know I live for basic bops so this song that lost to YODEL IT is my Romanian winner

(And I opted for studio versions because the live clips make it perfectly clear why they didn't win......)
This came on during a run this morning and I think I could have tackled the Marathon on the chorus alone:

If only another country had snatched up this alongside Verona's win (I mean Russia needed someone...) and then we'd be one song better off this year.