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The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. That or Welcome to the Party

  2. This is why I became a Eurovision fan! I remember texting for this song to stay into the competition! It advanced to the final though, but Kate Ryan won. Belgium Eurovision 2008 had some serious bops!

    Childhood memories!
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  3. We sadly can file this bop in this thread:

  4. Since the mood is Eesti Laul currently.

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  5. A song. I'm somewhat glad Ira managed to get the trophy that year though as we wouldn't have got Walk On Water.
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This was wasted in 2001.


  7. Speaking of 2001, here's another robbed one, would have done a lot better than 22nd!
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  8. Bop. This should totally have won that year instead of this dreary ballad for sure!
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  9. submitted and rejected the same year the Greek broadcasters went with the NQ Utopian Land

    I think the greek ver. is her best song so I can't help wondering what could have been..
  10. But then we wouldn't have got this year's winner xx


    Everything happens for a reason!
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  11. I remember being SHOOK when Peter had this on the front page in 2012.
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  12. Ms. Polvedere's 2009 attempt

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  13. Lisandro Cuxi came second in the French selection competition this year. Mercy is great, but I think Eva would have had a bigger impact in the final.

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  14. This is the best ethno-bop that Serbia never sent to Eurovision. Is it too dated now? I'd send it immediately.
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  15. Yeah I think it could have done better. But I just loved Mercy much more so I'm glad it went in the end.

    Talkin about Serbia, I reallyyyy like this song from this year's Beovizija:

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  16. Yeah, I voted for them. I was kinda happy with Balkanika, just annoyed they were presented as favorites from the very start, everyone knew they had it in the bag.
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  17. Svatovi was that bop, and actually more catchy than Nova Deca. Ultimately I do think Serbia made the right decision, though.
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  18. Can't they resend Svatovi next year?
  19. I think the song can't be publicly available before a certain date, right?
  20. Is there a studio version of this anywhere?
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