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The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Granted Tugba Onal was a great choice for Turkey that year, but there's something really charming and enchanting about this bop from the Turkish 1999 NF (that even won that year's OGAE Second Chance contest).

    Studio version:

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  2. Wow amazing song!!
  3. HRH


    I've always thought this was a decent qualifier for Greece but instead we got a boring anonymous ballad.

  4. I liked One Last Breath...
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  5. Yeah but none of the songs that year were

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  6. Also from 2015 national finals, I still use this one from DMGP, despite it sounding like a hodgepodge of every Nordic Eurovision mid-tempo of the past 10 years:

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  7. This killer song could've been a massive entry for Italy in 1966. Unfortunately, it narrowly missed the win, placing second on Sanremo Festival:
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  8. Instead Italy ended up with zero points that year. But their major mistake was picking Domenico Modugno's version over Gigliola Cinquetti's, which went on to become far more successful (it was particularly huge in Latin America).

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  9. I've actually never heard Gigliola's version of the song, but she totally breathes a new life into it. It is much more beautiful and I adore the backing vocals that lift the song even more. The definitely should've went with her version.
    That being said, I still greatly prefer "Nessuno mi può giudicare". It would've done so much better in the contest, for sure.
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    Excuse me but
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  11. This is one of the very rare songs ever to be submitted to a national preselection in two different years. It was among the songs consided for Israel's 2000 internal selection and then came up fourth in 2001 KDAM (the first since 1996). The song that placed in eighth was also submitted to the 1999 internal preselection.

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  12. So basically all of them that year. Works for me!
  13. This is the song chosen as a French entry for 1974 contest:

    Unfortunately, it become the first of only two times France withdrew from the contest. This time, it was because of the unexpected death of their president just two weeks before the contest.
    If it participated, it would've been my favorite song of 1974 (along with ABBA, of course) and one of the best French entries.
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  14. This was the song selected by Turkey for ESC 1979. However, down to the wire, Turkey caved in to the pressure from other Islamic countries to boycott due to the event being held in Israel. (Legend has it that some members of the Turkish delegation were already on their way to the airport).
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  15. I never heard this song before you posted here and now I heard it again in a lingerie ad starring SJP.

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  16. This probably isn't that suitable for this thread, but I always imagined that this fantastic song would be an amazing Eurovision entry for France in 1966:

    It is perfection in every way. It would've been my favorite 1966 song if it participated and I think that it would've won the contest, actually.
  17. And now we even posted at the exact same time, what a coincidence!
    I'm glad that the song gets some kind of attention, it surely deserves so.
  18. This was the big favourite to represent Serbia & Montenegro in 2005. Word has it that even a party was already in place to celebrate Jelena's victory. But the Montenegrin judges decided to cancel it out by not voting in any Serbian entries and No Name won instead. The same happened in 2006 which resulted in major chaos and havoc and S&M no taking part that year and hurried the split between the two nations.

  19. I was too young to be aware of this situation (and only started watching Eurovision in 2006), but it really was horrendous.

    Long story short:
    I prefer "Jutro" to "Oro", but both are now staples in singing competitions and Jelena is one of the most acclaimed and popular singers in my country, while No Name barely existed for one year after winning Beovizija and then disbanding.
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