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The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. We definitely stan.
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  2. Mercy is a good song, but I would much rather France had sent this instead

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  3. Cute bop that came second in the German NF in 1969, none other than Peggy March!

  4. Germany 1996 NF. The original social network song? I can't with the flag skirts.

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  5. 4th placed in the never televised British Song For Europe in 1979, would have loved to see this performed in Jerusalem! Just a few months shy of "I'm in the mood for dancing"!
  6. The 1981 UK national final that spawned eventual Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz. Song number 1 serving reggae-rock, song number 3 could be in Annie, song number 6 would later be a hit for Leo Sayer and song number 8 by Liquid Gold won OGAE Retro Second Chance.

  7. Not the 1984 Danish national final being full of 80's bops.

  8. Warning: Song 3 contains images of child abuse.
  9. On the occasion of BBC Four airing the TOTP episode featuring Emma performing her 1990 Eurovision entry, here's the full 1990 Song For Europe featuring some 70's names like Les McKeown, John Miles, Kim Goody and Kelly Wilde.

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  10. God Emma's vocal is dreadful there.

    We had much better entry the next year

    Unfortunately the performance on the night was a car crash.
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  11. I am still pressed about that one.
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  12. Ivana Jordan has very good songs.

  13. I was just listening to this yesterday, what a song.
  14. Because to day is Carnaval Tuesday

    This was second in Luxembourg's (of all places!) 1976 NF.

  15. Pre - "So Macho", Sinitta giving it her all for a ticket to Luxembourg! Fun performance and song!

  16. While Gina G was absolutely the right winner and an icon, the 1996 UK Final was, I think, one of our stronger ones. Ignoring the boy band dirge that came second, I liked both of these:

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  17. 100% agree with you here - probably helps that I'm hella biased as 1996 was the year of birth for my love/fascination with the contest.

    This was also a complete bop, but sadly got eliminated in the first round, so never made it to Television Centre for the final:

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