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The Greatest Showman

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ToySoldier, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. What a movie. What a soundtrack.

    I'm just back from the cinema after seeing this for a second time. What do ye think? Both the movie and soundtrack are amazing.

  2. I saw it on Saturday not expecting much and loved it!

    Way better than Pitch Perfect 3.
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  3. I didn't hate it and some of the songs were great. The inclusivity and acceptance message was good - except it was somewhat undermined by the fact that the only characters focussed on were good looking white men, whilst the "freaks" had no backstory and were just used as props to highlight their achievements.
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  4. I think this will be possibly the only time I will ever go to the cinema more than once for the same film. I LOVED it.
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  5. Saw it yesterday and really enjoyed it, but it did feel as though huge portions of the movie were built around the (admittedly quite brilliant) songs. 'This Is Me' had my tearing up - but I couldn't help but think about how much more incredible it would've been if they'd done a little more legwork in setting up the characters/ backstories.

    Still it was fabulous, and a wonderful original contribution to the movie musical canon!
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  6. Prepare to cry... Love this
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  7. It had potential but the music wasn't that great, and as discussed in here it did just focus on the white men. Zendaya's character was kinda pointless, you would've thought someone so "woke" would've fought for their character to have a bigger backstory and role. I wish the writers/producers told us more about the "freaks" instead of them just being props for the (straight) white men to find validity.

    Also was there no costume budget? And why didn't the opera singer sing opera?
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  8. The Opera singer walking onstage and lip syncing to a Final Fantasy soundtrack song was perfect and you know it.
  9. Doesn't matter how "woke" she is (not sure what that has to do with an acting career and roles either)this is like her 2nd film role, no director is going to listen to someone on their second movie and give them a bigger role for being "woke"especially when they are fifth billing in the movie I think her and Efron did great with what they had and had better chemistry then other couples in the movie
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  10. Yeah, that wasn't the right comment to make in retrospect and rereading it I realize it comes off badly. Perhaps the writers should've given Zendaya a bigger backstory knowing how she tries to use her platform and the benefits it could have. Apologies for coming off as an asshole.
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  11. Four songs from The Greatest Showman debut on the latest Billboard Hot 100, giving Hugh Hackman his first ever Hot 100 entry. Never Enough had 5.7m streams while This Is Me sold 17k.

    No. 83, "This Is Me"
    No. 85, "Rewrite the Stars"
    No. 88, "Never Enough"
    No. 95, "The Greatest Show"
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  12. @R92 won't stop telling me about it, I should go soon!
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  13. R92


    Eat glass, ho

    I saw this with my family. It’s okay if you treat it as a nice distraction and avoid thinking about the history behind it. The opera singer’s song and White Michelle Williams’ song are the only ones I’ve wanted to listen to again.
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  14. The film is a mess but it's uplifting fun and great entertainment value. Some of the songs are really catchy, it's good to see Queen Zendaya coming for that UK top 40 hit.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Yeah, the movie is family-friendly fun and entertainment but fails as an actual film. That being said, I'm enjoying this soundtrack immensely.

    Never Enough is absolutely phenomenal, and easily my favourite. I wish it had a proper second verse before descending into histrionics so quickly, but man it is the definition of a killer power ballad. This Is Me, Rewrite the Stars, The Greatest Show, A Million Dreams, Tightrope...they're genuinely all so good.
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  16. bye
  17. It's a nice distraction but it's more of a spectacle than an actual movie. Nobody was really likable or had a fleshed out role to make themselves likable. Hugh Jackman was nice to look at but his character isn't likable at all.
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  18. This film almost goes too fast? Like it zips through the story too suddenly?
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  19. Even though it has some obvious flaws, this movie is very entertaining. Normally I watch a film not more than once in theaters but I'm definitely going back for this one. I loved the music and the energy.
    I didn't even know Michelle Williams could sing and performed on broadway. Quite a pleasant surprise!

    Never Enough by the "opera"singer was a real highlight and had me tearing up. Absolutely gorgeous!
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