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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Yaaaass. Wearing a silver shamrock mask as a disguise!
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  2. That seems like the exact opposite of what this movie is going to be.
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  3. [​IMG]

    New image for Halloween Kills.

    Surely we’re getting this trailer within the next few weeks?!?
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  4. I think we got the 2018 trailer by mid June so we should be getting it soon. Though I’m going to try and refrain from watching it, the 2018 trailer gave away too much.
  5. I’m guessing trailer will come release week of either Fast 9 or The Forever Purge since Universal is really hedging bets on getting people back in theaters for those.
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  6. They need to hurry up and give us something! The most promo I've seen is Kyle Richards mentioning filming it during the first episode of RHOBH. Box Office is back and we know they'll hit the October release date so I'm hoping things get ramped up soon enough.
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  7. We had the first Halloween 2018 trailer on June 8, so if we don’t have a trailer by the end of tomorrow.... I’m going to write a letter.
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  8. That Dave McCrae guy has a source who said that the trailer would be in July.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Don't shoot the messenger.

  11. Kyøle's chase scene looks so good
  12. I’m really hoping Judy Greer survives the next film, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to bite the dust. Hopefully she’ll at least get a great sequence.
  13. I’d assume so, I can’t imagine all the Strode Women surviving again and you can’t kill Laurie before ‘...Ends’ and Alyson makes more sense to carry the next film with her.
  14. Yep. Logic tells me Karen has to go next which would set up a big Michael/Laurie showdown for Halloween Ends. Then when they revisit the series, Alyson can take over from Laurie as the new lead and carry the franchise into the next couple decades.
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  15. So apparently the trailer has been given a 14A rating, with a 2m37s runtime. Apparently we’ll have it by 2 July.

    Just gives the girls what the want, Blumhouse. Release the trailer!
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  16. Rewatched ‘Halloween ‘18’ and it is aging fantastically. It’s so damn good, the Strode characters are so fully realised and I feel like it’s quality will only increase further when we have the other two instalments and can see it in the context of one big story.
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  17. @superglowy I completely agree. I feel like they wrote a realistic, character driven drama about trauma and added the horror into it. I know many were upset that even Halloween 2 was thrown out, but being realistic, even what happened in the original would be enough to seriously affect someone had it happened in real life.

    I strongly believe had it not been a Halloween sequel and just a film about a woman recovering from past trauma that Jamie Lee Curtis would’ve not just been nominated, but win an Oscar for that performance. It’s still insane to me that I don’t think she’s even been nominated for an Oscar.
  18. I love that the rise of “the Karen” coincided nicely with moments like Laurie hissing: “Your house has no security, Karen!” - it’s such a two-fold gift.
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  19. I hope the trailer is as well cut as this one

    The way I was late for work that night so I could watch this 47 times. It was a cultural reset....
  20. Ugh while this was absolutely amazing at the time, it gave aways so many of the best scares so I am going to try hard to avoid the trailer.
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