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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I’m torn on the trailer as well, I rewatched the 2018 one so many times that it took some of the enjoyment away from the movie itself.
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  2. The fact that trailer contains shots from the originally shot ending, and what we got was so much better
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  3. Imagine they kept Laurie dying in H18, and Halloween Kills/Ends was lead by Köyle by Alene Too.

  4. I completely forgot about that. Wonder if that seals Laurie fate as going down with Michael as the conclusion to ‘Halloween Ends?’

    Then we can get the 40 year anniversary sequel to ‘Halloween 5’ in 2029 only they retcon Tina’s death.

  5. Tina is my favourite character in the entire Franchise.

  6. Some people are even saying we might get the trailer this week. It would make sense since F9 is coming out and it's also a Universal film.
  7. I miss Donatella Pleasance dramatically going on about EVilLllL!!! in these movies.
  8. Dr Loomis not hesitating to shoot Jamie on sight at the end of ‘Halloween 4’ and then using her as a bait at the end of ‘Halloween 5’.

    No fucks given. Monster Hunting Legend!
  9. Dr. Samantha Loomis going full Mermaid Man at the end of each movie was very iconic.
  10. I for one am excited to see what Nurse Marion has been up to. Chain smoking queen.
  11. This definitely checks out, if this tweet is anything to go by.

  12. There’s images from the trailer in the replies.




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  15. “You honestly think you need to wear a MASK?!? Wake up Michael. It’s a government conspiracy to control a cult....*wink*. COVID is as real as Jamie Lloyd or that other one with the awful, AWFUL hair!”

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  16. Is that a fucking
    Silver Shamrock mask again? I love it. I'm such a shameless ho for these gratuitous pieces of fan service.
  17. There's a fan theory that
    The mask Michael wore in the first movie was a prototype of a Silver Shamrock mask, but instead of killing him it made him outright evil
    and I would like to believe it.
  18. MCU found shaking!
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  19. I also read a theory that
    Michael wasn't the killer in the opening of the first film and I've been obsessed with that theory ever since.
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  20. Another leaked trailer pic. SPOILER ALERT!

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