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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. They just need to release it this week before the entire thing leaks in crappy quality.

    As far as Karen goes


    She doesn't deserve that name.
  2. Releasing the trailer only to tasteless teens who enjoy The Purge


    And in Pride month as well.
  3. Just found part of the trailer online.

    Karen and Alyson being a Teensy bit iconic I fear.
  4. Aaaand I’ve officially seen the full ‘Halloween Kills’ trailer!!!!

    It is GLORIOUS!

    Jamie Lee Curtis continues to be iconic!
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  5. Heads up the trailer is apparently spoiler heavy, so if you’re going to talk about it, just hit that nice big spoiler button.
  6. Don’t worry, I’ll be spoiler tagging everything till it’s officially out!
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  7. Cool but what I’m also saying is that even when the trailer is out people may not want to see it, so I’m just saying to be respectful

    Unless you mean the film nn.
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  8. BTG


    Girls, a word of warning, anyone who wants to go into this in any way kind of unspoiled, do not watch that trailer.

    The amount they spoil is pretty ridiculous.

    You are basically presented the entire arc of the movie!
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  10. I'm gonna stay far, far away from any trailer. I'm still mad I had the closet scare ruined with the last one.
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  11. That scare actually ended up working on me spectacularly as I figured it was the boyfriend dressed up as Michael for a fake out/jump scare from the trailer, so when he actually slashes Vicky I jumped like a Motherfucker!
  12. Seeing Kyle Richards in that trailer gives my goosebumps
  13. I usually think people are a tad extreme with spoiler complaints but shit does that give so much away. Looks great though.
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  15. Can I watch the first 30 seconds without spoiling much? I need a fix
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  16. The first 30 seconds is basically just a replay of the teaser trailer, so sure.
  17. Not them showing... the entire movie? Ddd
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  18. It looks phenomenal.
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  19. Am I spoiled? Yus.

    Am I even more excited to watch it? Big yus.
  20. I hardly think its "spoiling" anything given that the trailer showed what we already knew was coming from the synopsis and general info that was already out about the film.
    I'm SUPER pumped to see it though and love that its seems we get to focus on the town as a whole dealing with the horror.
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