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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Each to their own but it’s not as if it’s a big ask. There’s a way to discuss these things without ruining the fun for those of us that would like to see everything fresh for the first time in the cinema. Do it for Danielle.
  2. That literally looks fucking insane. INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS.
  3. The violin theme song


    Can't wait to watch three generations of Strode women fuck Miss Myers up.
  4. I really hope the pieces of the score in the trailer are in the film and on the soundtrack. The updated Halloween score was amazing.
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  5. Not what appears to be another iconic moment for Ms Karen Strode and

    Michael Myers getting his hands on Kyle Richards

    They really said

  6. CFDF0084-E40C-47A7-839B-F8C5CB544A99.png

  7. Fun fact: Garcelle played Myers in the scene when Kyle gets wrecked.

  8. If the twitter gays don't have Kyle's scene cut and edited with "You Stole My Goddamn house!" 24 hours after the premiere.....

  9. Michael showing up late in full glam to ruin Kyöle.
  10. Watching Lil Lindsey Wallace get thrown around, will only part make up for those S10 bangs
  11. It auto-played so I saw it despite telling my eyes not to look.

    It looked like pure carnage (and not too far removed from the Rob Zombie ones) which is not necessarily what I want from this series but I'm locking down and not returning to it until October.
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  12. This looks like the type of ‘Halloween’ movie I’ve always wanted
    (and that ‘4’ teased but didn’t have the range/budget to pull off) that the town of ‘Haddonfield’ finally has enough of Michael Myers and its the entire town against him.

    I like that this seems like a different type of ‘Halloween’ movie,
    already got 8 movies of him in the shadows killing before the big finale showdown with the final Girl (and Loomis).

    I’m perched’t!
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  13. Halloween: Goodbye Kyle!! does look very good.
  14. ‘Halloween Kills’ Official poster.

  15. I love the way the mask looks like it's turning into flesh.
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  16. This looks amazing! Im ready for Halloween season.
  17. “See Paris die!” teas.

    Honestly shaking with excitement.
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  18. These are sexy.



  19. The cross-over between the Housewives clique and the Little Prescotts on here is truly iconic! I love being gay.
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