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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. You could tell me that latest poster was a closeup of big stubborn old man Ken Todd, and I'd believe you
  2. Discovering all of these Spoiler tags are just a means of discussing Kim & Kathy's sister... gay.

    This looks so fun. Can't wait.
  3. Scream Factory are doing Halloween 5 SO DAMN DIRTY
  4. The Revenge of Nicolas Cage <3
  5. That cover art is pretty hideous but I'm buying it!
  6. BTG


    I promised myself I wouldn’t pay for these movies again but if they’ve somehow managed to get those deleted scenes, I could be convinced…
  7. I missed out on the big boxset so I only have the bare bones releases for 4 & 5, those are easy replacements. But do I replace my original film's blu? Hmmmm.
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  8. BTG


    Dddd as someone who has far too many copies of this franchise, very few of them match and I’m at peace with that. Though the upgrade might be worth it for you for the 4K alone.

    I own this 4K steel of the first:


    And I love 4 and 5 but it really will be dependant on what special features they pull out of the bag for me.
  9. I have no words.

    But where is "TINAAAAAAA"??!!

    I almost bought Part 4 on Blu-Ray yesterday. I wonder if we'll ever get a stand-alone special edition of it from Scream.
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  10. It was leaked today that we will!
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  11. Amazing!
  12. They're releasing 1-5 apparently. Fingers crossed for 6-8 later on.
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  13. Those covers are a choice.
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  14. Halloween 5 is so bad. They should’ve stuck to the original concept with Jamie being evil.
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  15. Someone involved with the Scream Factory restorations of 1-5 has said that there are special features ‘yet to be announced’. Fingers crossed for all that recently unearthed footage from 4 and 5!

    Dr Death rise up!

  16. (18.46 onwards)

    This is kinda fascinating. It’s a reality tv show type thing Danielle Harris did in 1994 but it was filming while she was negotiating for ‘Halloween 6’, so you see her expecting to get the part and talking about the complications in real time and ends when she find out she didn’t get it.
  17. The score leaked. I don't have it but someone sent me a bit of the new theme. It sounds like Halloween meets the iconic Candyman score almost. So damn good.
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  18. We'll get another sexy Blu box after Halloween Ends I imagine and I will bow down to them with all my cash.
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  19. Are the violin and strings which we heard in the trailer present? It gave me goosebumps.
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