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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Of all streamers….

  2. I do not like this, at all. This is why we waited a fucking year, so it could be a cinema event. A number of films have thrived in the cinema lately so why do this now?

    Plus, fucking Peacock?
  3. NBC Universal owns Peacock so it makes sense in that regard. They did something similar with the Boss Baby 2 which still had a good theatrical opening weekend plus legs. Their subscriber base isn’t growing as they’d like so I imagine they’re hoping this will entice.

    I don’t see it affecting the box office at all. People will go see it in theatres to have that group experience.
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  4. Peacock is Universal’s own streaming service.... if it was going to go on one, it was always going to be that one. Even if it had an exclusive theater release, when it went to streaming services, it would have been a Peacock exclusive.
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  5. Streaming and cinema release on the same day is really disappointing, we waited an extra year for this because it was supposed to be a “theatrical event”

    Regardless, I am beyond excited for this. I have managed to avoid watching the trailer and have no idea what to expect.
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  6. Why y’all hating on Peacock? I have it and love it lol. They also have a great horror selection. I don’t think this is a big deal either. I plan on seeing it in theaters and also watching it on Peacock.
  7. I'll be curious to see how they handle its Australian release. I'm 99% sure Peacock isn't available here, but half our population are in serious lockdown with the cinemas closed. It's meant to be released around the time the government is meant to start allowing freedoms for fully-vaccinated people, so they might push it back a week or two if that goes to plan. I'm holding onto hope to see it on the big screen!
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  8. At least in the UK it will just be full theatrical
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  9. I have Peacock but I feel like this is just a movie begging to be seen on a huge screen.
  10. Just go watch it in the theatre, guys.
  11. dd that's what my post was inferring I would do. It'll be the first movie I've seen in a theatre since 2019
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  12. Ima be in the theater on opening night, but I do love that I’ll be able to rewatch it quickly because i know I’ll want to see it again.
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  13. 9D9B892D-0ADC-4692-A7F3-E6E93641A344.jpeg
    i just think he’s cute
  14. I'm definitely returning to theaters (for the first time since... Invisible Man?) for this. Seeing the 2018 reboot on the big screen was just magic.

  15. We’re getting another trailer girls.
  16. Didn't they already show the entire movie in the first trailer?
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  17. Yeah, I’m sorry, I don’t trust the critics. That trailer was FANTASTIC.

    The opening alone!
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  18. Ok that was a brilliant trailer. I am READY.
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