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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. BTG


    Anyone avoiding spoilers, keep away from that trailer.

    I think they’ve spoiled every big set piece in the movie I-
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  2. Ok so that’s a perfect trailer. The Venice critics can literally drown in the pool, I’m not having this film isn’t amazing.

    The RT rating is up to 59% and only on 17 reviews, I’m sure it will be in the 70s in a few weeks
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  3. A real gag would've been if they pulled a Marvel and showed footage that was left on the cutting room floor or only stuff from the first hour, so then everything was a surprise to people in theaters. These trailers basically lay it all out there.
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  4. Edu


    "No more running"?
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  5. That last trailer is way too revealing and I hope they won’t do that for Scream 5 but oh my god Kyle Richards
  6. I'm beside myself with excitement. STAN KYLE.
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  7. I keep telling myself not to watch the trailers but it’s Halloween so I can’t help it. It looks so fucking great!
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  8. I don’t know how I have managed to avoid the trailers, I ended up muting Halloween kills on Twitter but I still see the content on my timeline.

    Beyond excited for this. Anyone in Canada know when tickets generally go on pre sale? I am in Toronto and want the best VIP seats I can purchase. I’ve Been checking the cineplex website daily all week.
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  9. I didn't love the first trailer, but this one is exceptional.

  10. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with Kyle on Housewives I always knew she was going to bring it here. Meryl Streep who?


  11. This has gotten me back officially excited.
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  12. Do we think Kyle Richards makes it to the last film or is she gonna bite it in "Kills"? Surely she needs another story-arch for her Real Housewives gig.
  13. I feel like she has to survive, only because if she doesn't the trailer gives it away and I don't think they'd reveal that in the trailer. At least I'm hoping its a misdirect.
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  14. She already gave away her own fate on a podcast:

    She has to go back and film in January when Kills starts production.
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  15. Halloween II is very underrated in my opinion. I personally love the hospital setting, I think Michael/his mask look the most creepiest out of all the films. The cast are pretty good (including a multiracial actor who plays Mrs. Alves, which I imagine was rare for the early 80's) and there's much better acting all round than the first Halloween. We get some inventive kills too. As horror sequels go, this was pretty solid and actually one of my favourites in the franchise.
  16. I do really like Halloween II but I have issues with it:

    -the continuity with the original: Michael falling off what is clearly a ramp when getting shot and then being in the front yard.

    - Jamie Lee's atrocious wig and giving her nothing to do.

    - The pacing is awfully sluggish sometimes like when the security guard is investigating for what seems to be 12 hours before getting a cat flung at him. (Alice in Friday 2 teas).

    - I don't completely hate the sibling angle but to not even have Laurie find out is a huge missed opportunity for DRAMA. Very poor writing.

    Having said all that its still atmospheric with Dean Cundey's fantastic photography. I also love Carpenter's synth heavy score. "You don't know what death is!" then straight into the new theme! Hold MY wig!

    For sure a staple every October.
  17. The pacing does go at glacial speed at times and JLC being treated as a second thought is a poor choice. But I do enjoy Halloween 2 for the most part though. Mostly because Michael feels like “The Shape” throughout, whereas in other sequels, Halloween 5 in particular, it just feels like some man in a “spooky seasonal white mask”.
  18. Halloween II is my favourite one.
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